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An Anti-Valentines Guide to Valentines Day

February 12, 2015

It’s not that I hate Valentines Day, I just don’t see the point of it. And I know I am not the only one who feels that way. If your Single it’s a bit of a kick in the teeth, and in if your in a Relationship, which I am, it just gets unnecessarily expensive. So if like me you don’t agree with this over marketed holiday, check out my Anti-Valentines Guide to Valentines Day….image


is for Vibrations. We all know February 14th is about being with your partner, but if you can’t be with your partner, or you don’t have one, you shouldn’t be left out. And you won’t be with girly toys such as the TouchΓ© High Class LipstickΒ from Amazon.Β This is a must have for single girls across the country (and perfect for those in a relationship who like to play), this lipstick may look real, but it’s not, it is actually a toy designed to give you pleasure. Disguised and discreet, you could even carry this little toy around in your make up bag all day and no one would know.


Β is for Action Movies. You may have noticed that this time of year we get inundated with Romcoms and girly films (this year it appears to be 50 shades of Grey, it’s everywhere I look). I love a good chic flick, but on this occasion why not avoid the cliche romance movies and watch an Action flick instead?

imageis for Lazy Day. I don’t blame anyone who wants to stay in on Valentines Day; every restaurant is packed with couples lined up in rows eating from an overpriced V-Day set menu. I think a day spent wearing PJ’s and lying on your sofa eating M&Ms with a spoon sounds much more fun than banging elbows with couples in an over crowded restaurant.

imageΒ Β is for Exploring. If the thought of lying on your sofa all day depresses you, then head out exploring. All the cafes and restaurants are going to be booked up on Valentines Day, so why not catch a bus or train out into the countryside, or go on a drive somewhere you’ve never been, or head to that museum you’ve always wanted to go to. It could be a ‘Me, Myself and I’ activity or it could be something you do as a group.

Β imageΒ is for Netflix. Surely Netflix is perfect for an Anti-Valentines Day TV Marathon?


imageis for Treat. If you don’t have anyone to spoil on Valentines, or maybe you and your partner don’t believe in this silly holiday, why not treat yourself? Spoil little old you. Yes you, remember you? Treat yourself to a new do, a manicure, or a spa treatment perhaps? If it was me, I’d treat myself to a Shopping spree (a Primark shopping spree nonetheless – it is the middle of the month).

imageΒ is for Ice cream. It’s an official rule that calories don’t count on Valentines Day, which is why I will be eating my fair share of ice cream, and not just any ice cream, but my new favourite brand: Simply Ice Cream. Available in Waitrose, I heavily advise you stock up on the honeycomb crunch Flavour for your Netflix Marathon. Me oh my, it’s delicious! I could it eat it for breakfast … and I might.


Β  is for Naked Lady. No, not you! A Naked Lady is a white rum cocktail. I think a great Anti-Valentines activity to do is buy some ‘equipment’ from the shops (aka booze) and invite your pals round for an evening of cocktail shaking and making. Get the recipe for the Naked Lady here, or why not try a Naked Pretzel which is a vodka based cocktail? (If everyone else is getting naked, you might as well have your own naked fun).


Β is for Effortless. Avoiding the restaurants, the V-Day crowd and the general V-Day antics means you don’t need to spend three hours washing, drying, curling and styling your hair this Saturday. And if your having a lazy day, watching action films and eating Simply Ice Cream, it means you literally have to make zero effort with your appearance. Slippers and a pony tail it is.

imageis for Savings. If you decide to do absolutely nothing for Valentines Day, making you anΒ Anti-Valentines pro, then at the end of the day do some calculating of what you would have spent if you had. Cost up the present, the card, the meal, and see exactly how much you have saved yourself by not participating in this holiday. Happy Valentines Day to you!

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