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Three Destinations #TravelTuesday

February 3, 2015

A few weeks ago I read a post written by the lovely Jenna from that I immediately bookmarked. The post was about three destinations that are important to her: the place she loved the most, the place she can’t wait to visit, and the place where she lives. I thought it was such a good idea that I began writing my own for an upcoming #TravelTuesday post. January was such a hectic month that I didn’t actually get a chance to finish it. But last night, after I had finished unpacking from my recent Dutch Adventure, I felt all inspired and excited to write some travel bits, and so I scrapped my draft, started again, and I finally wrote about Three Important Destinations….


The Place I loved the Most(…ish)
Amsterdam. I just got back from spending four days there and I loved it. I wouldn’t say it was my most important destination (I couldn’t possibly pick one) but having had such a wonderful time there, and with it all being so fresh in my memory, I had to choose Amsterdam as β€˜my most’ destination. After immersing myself in the city and surrounding myself with its people, I am fully ready to admit that I have a massive crush on Amsterdam. This city is probably known to many as the weed-smoking capital, not to mention a popular destination for those who want to make a lady friend! But I was surprised at how easy it was to stay away from that side of Amsterdam. Although we did wander into the β€˜Museum Erotica’, the rest of my time there involved lots of walking along the beautiful canals, drinking A LOT of Dutch beer, and my favourite – eating scrumptious Dutch foods such as Pancakes (NOM NOM). We stayed right in a cute little apartment in the centre of Amsterdam and I found this little city to be beautiful, charming and very different to any other European city I had visited. Basically, I want to pack up my things and move to Amsterdam to be a professional pancake eater – if anyone knows how to make this happen, can you let me know in the comments box. Dankjewel! (Thanks)

tokyo (1)

The Place I can’t wait to visit
This list is as long as my arm, both of them, and probably my legs too. But for the sake of this post I will pick just one destination – Tokyo! When I started planning my first backpacking trip, Tokyo was at the top of my list. But with so many other countries and cities on my list, and Tokyo being the most expensive by far, I made the decision to give it a miss. But now the Beard and I are discussing possibly going next year on our honeymoon, as it’s somewhere we both really want to go. I like to visit countries that are completely different to my own, hence why I loved Beijing, but probably struggled with Australia. Tokyo is so different to my culture and what I am used to, and that’s what is attracting me to it. I want to taste real Japanese food whilst sitting cross legged on the floor at aΒ restaurants. I want to take in the millions of bright lights flashing in the city, yet also visit the quiet and peaceful old towns of Tokyo. I want wake up at 4am to go to their famous fish markets and have the freshest breakfast. And I especially want to go in Spring time so that I can see the beautiful Japanese blossom. Oh Tokyo, I will meet you soon, I promise.


The Place I live
I currently live in London. I first moved here in 2007, and I knew it was a city I was going to spend a lot of time in. This is the city to be in when it comes to working in Broadcast and Media, and that’s why I originally came here, for my career. But over the years I’ve found other reasons to stay – the nightlife, the friends I’ve made, the shopping, the endless amount of fantastic restaurants available to you. It’s a 24 hour a day, seven day a week kind of city. I love London for its size too, and it’s diversity, it’s like having six cities in one and the amazing transport links make them all easy to access. There are cheap hipster places in East London, swanky areas in West London and a great music scene in North London. There are parks everywhere, free exhibitions in Museums all the time. London offers endless fun and activities, and yet you can always find somewhere peaceful and quiet, it’s not ALL hustle and Bustle. I love London, it’s definitely become my home and somewhere I will always cherish. BUT, I will admit that it’s not somewhere I plan to live forever. I’m looking for the next city to call my home!

What would your three destinations be?

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