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Dim Sum Afternoon Tea at Le Chinios • Knightsbridge, London

February 2, 2015

I absolutely love going for Afternoon Tea, anything that involves being surrounded by cake, tea and sandwiches for an afternoon, I am always up for. But last month I attended an Afternoon Tea with a bit of a twist. Myself and 27 fellow bloggers were invited along to the Knightsbridge Millennium hotel for a spot of Dim Sum Afternoon Tea at their Le Chinios restaurant. I had been looking forward to this event for a few reasons. Firstly because I’ve spent the past few years accidentally falling in-love with all kinds of Asian cuisine, from discovering a taste for Sushi, to dining out in the likes of Beijing and Bangkok. Secondly, because I had no idea what to expect. Would it be Dim Sum followed by cakes? Asian snacks? What kind of Tea would they serve? Lucky for me they exceeded all my expectations, and I was NOT disappointed…

dim sum afternoon tea dim sum afternoon tea 2 dim sum afternoon tea 3 dim sum afternoon tea 4

We were greeted with a glass of champagne, which not only helped us bloggers to get gabbing and get giddy, but it certainly set up my taste buds for some Asian delights. After about half an hour of bloggers chat and sipping our champers at the bar, we moved over to the beautiful long table that had been laid out for us. Here we were served Oloong and Jasmine Tea. As someone who loves her tea with milk and two sugars, I was really surprised that I enjoyed this tea, but it was lovely. So much so I had plenty of top ups (I also discovered later on that Oloong tea can aid in weight loss and is full of vitamins!)

Once the tea was served, they began to bring out the food. Oh, the food! Platter by platter we were treated to duck spring rolls, sautéed prawns coated with wasabi, pork dumplings, beef skewers (my fave dish), BBQ pork buns and plenty more. And for the sweet tooth’s (like me) there was fresh mango slices with Red bean and Pandan Mochi cake.

dim sum afternoon tea 6 dim sum afternoon tea 7 dim sum afternoon tea 8 dim sum afternoon tea 9 dim sum afternoon tea 10 dim sum afternoon tea 11 dim sum afternoon tea 14 dim sum afternoon tea 13 dim sum afternoon tea 15 dim sum afternoon tea 16

And to top it all off, the staff presented us with a demonstration of Crispy duck being sliced up and served into pancakes. Crispy duck is one of my favourite dishes ever so this just made my Sunday. And as if they hadn’t spoilt us enough, the lovely team at Le Chinios gave us a lovely goody bag that included the Chefs recipe book, so I will certainly be trying some of these Asian snacks.

Group Photo! Can you spot me and my turban?


For an Afternoon this plush, with such tasty mouth-watering foods, I expected the price to be up in the £50 bracket. But to my amazement, you can enjoy this wonderful Dim Sum Afternoon Tea for just £25 per person. A perfect way to spend Chinese New Year (which is on the 19th of February) or for a girly day out in London perhaps? Here is the full list of all the delicious foods (and drinks) that we enjoyed off the Afternoon Tea Menu:

A glass of Champagne
Oloong and Jasmine Tea
Crispy chicken stick
Crispy shredded duck spring rolls
Sauteed prawns coated with wasabi
Minced chicken wrapped in lettuce
Crispy scallop rolls
BBQ pork bun (Chai Siu Boa)
Red bean & Pandan Mochi cake
Fresh sliced Mango
Prawns with Passion Fruit Colis
Steamed minced pork dumplings (Siu Mai)
Traditional Peking Duck

Does this kinda thing thing sound like your cup of tea (pun intended)? Are you a fan of Asian foods? Let me know in the comments below?

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