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My #SimplyBeReal Moment

January 25, 2015

I think I’ve spent most of my adult life embarrassing myself. Shameful moments seem to be my thing, from constantly falling down the stairs as a not-so sober student, to more recently addressing a large group of colleagues in a formal meeting with big black Sushi seeds stuck in my teeth! But it’s okay because that’s real life, and these things happen. And one team of people who are celebrating this are the folks over atย Simply Beย who very kindly asked me to take part in their latest campaign called #SimplyBeReal…

#SimplyBeReal is about reinforcing that it’s okay when things don’t always go to plan, in particular our fashion and clothing.ย Unfortunately weย don’t all get to go through life looking as immaculate asย Beyonce, or as perfectly styled as Kate Moss. Yes,ย sometimesย we tumble over in our heels, orย our bra strap snaps, or even worse we forget to put a bra on (true story)ย But that’s real life!ย So when the team at Simply Be told me they had hooked up with some super talented artistsย to illustrate some of ourย Real Moments, I knew exactlyย which very real and very embarrassingย fashion malfunction I wanted to share with you guys…

When I first moved to London I was a huge fan of the Camden scene, so my friend and I put on our glad rags and headed to a rather well known Camden hot spot to do some celeb spotting whilst enjoying a few drinks. I wore one of my favorite dresses that is ย clingy but super comfortable, so comfortable in fact that you wouldn’t think you were wearing anything.

An hour goes by, as does another. My friend and I were really enjoying ourselves, soaking up the atmosphere (and the drinks) when nature called, so I hopped off to the toilet. No drama there. But on the way out of the ladies toilet I stopped to look in the mirror and reapply my lippy. I looked at myself and had a very rare smug moment. ‘You did good’ I proudly thought to myself ‘You look like you belong here’ and with a sensational hair flip, I exited the Ladies Loo’s. If only the mirrors had been full length, I would have seen that my super clingy, super comfortable dress wasn’t actually below my bum where it should be, but in fact it was around my waist and the back was tucked into my skin-coloured granny tights. Off I trotted back into the main area feeling like a million dollars but looking a fool. I knew what was wrong as soon as I saw my friends face! Luckily we both saw the funny side and in fits of giggles and hysterics we ran out the bar to find the nearest food joint, I think I’d had enough drinks for one day!

Simply Be

I love the illustration above, which was drawn by the very talented artist Anna Assan. The picture depicts the moment so well, and that is exactly how I walked out the toilets; hand-on-hip, feeling amazing, but looking like an idiot.

I love this whole campaign, and I’ve seen a few other bloggers I follow share their hilarious Real Moments too.ย I think it proves that we CAN laugh at our silly moments, accidents or malfunctions, and it’s these little hiccups that make us real and also give us a funnyย story and a great memory to look back on. I for one will never forget the look on my friends face when I came out that toilet, just as I’m sure she will never forget how ridiculous I looked.

What would your Real Moment be? Comment below or Tweet me @TinkerbellJayne and use the hashtag #SimplyBeReal