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Visiting the Grand Canyon (and 12 Reasons you NEED to go there)

January 20, 2015

Last November I got to tick one big fat wish off my Bucket List – visiting the Grand Canyon. Not only did I get to step foot on this extraordinary and beautiful land, but I got to fly over it in a helicopter too, taking inΒ some of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen (This experience was definitely up there with my day on the Great Wall of China).

Being a very nervous flyer, getting in that Helicopter and letting it swoop me off into the sky was both terrifying and yet so exhilarating, and above everything, totallyΒ worth it; it was worth the fear, the anticipation and worth ever dollar spent. I wish I could write word upon word about exactly what I saw, about every intricate detail, and how I felt as we flew over the breath taking views whilst our pilot described the history of this majestic place. But I can’t. The Grand Canyon is indescribable. And even if I could, I still wouldn’t be able to get across just how magnificent it is. Instead, I’ve put together a list of reasons as to why I think you should put a visit to the Grand Canyon at the top of your β€˜To Do’ travel list. I hope it does the job of conveying just how amazingΒ this place is. And of course I’ve also posted some of my non-justifying personal pics to try and sway you further…

photo 1 photo 2

Canyon 1 Canyon 2 Canyon 3 Canyon 4 Canyon 5 Canyon 6 Canyon 7

photo 3

12 Reasons you NEED to go to The Grand Canyon

No.01 No amount of pictures, GoPro videos or YouTube travel vlogsΒ can convey theΒ fierce beauty of the Grand Canyon, you need to physically be there to appreciate it, it’s like meeting Mother Nature herself.
No.02 It’s one of theΒ  Seven Natural Wonders of the world, and let’s face it, this one is a lot more accessible than others such as the Aurora Volcano or Mount Everest*
No.03 Feeling stressed? Need a break? Well forget that two week yoga retreat, cancel it now and instead visit the Grand Canyon. Once your there, take a big look around, breathe in that amazingly clear air and I promise you, it will make you forget all your problems.
No.04 On the other hand if your an active person looking for an active holiday there is so much you can do on the Grand Canyon; riding, hiking, rafting, Helicopter Tours, a glass bottom Sky walk, and some even go swimming in the lakes. Take your pick.
No.05 So you think you can’t SEE time? At the Big GC you can. Gazing at this 17 million year old Canyon is like staring into the eyes of Evolution.
No.06 You are pretty much guaranteed good weather and lots of sunshine, and you can visit all year round. In these pictures it looks like a scorcher of a summers day, but it was in fact a chilly winters day, but with some powerfulΒ sun.
No.07Β Although the actual Canyon itself is in Arizona, the area also touches Nevada and Utah and is extremely close to Phoenix, meaning a flying visitΒ can help you Β pass through four different states.
No.08Β It’s not just about the Canyon, but so much more, there is the Colorado River, Lake mead, the Hoover dam, Eagle Rock…
No.09Β It may even make you cry, it’s that beautiful (if not tears you’ll at least get a lump in your throat)
No.10Β If your into Photography this place will be your paradise.
No.11Β Can you think of anywhere more perfect to watch a Sunset or Sunrise?
No.12Β No need to just spend one day there, you could stay a week if you wanted, there are plenty of lodges and campsites on the Grand Canyon. If I was to go back (or when, rather) I would definitely road trip it, camping style.

*Because let’s face it, we aren’t ever going to climb that are we?

photo 3

photo 4 photo 1 (2)
Canyon 13 Canyon 11 Canyon 10 Canyon 9 Canyon 8

Canyon 12

Despite our gloomy faces, and weird fanny pack/safety packs, we were incredibly HAPPY to be there, honest!