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The Monday SOS Pack

January 16, 2015

Did you know that this coming Monday, the 19th of January, is the most depressing day of the year for us Brits (and some Canadians)? I hadn’t a clue, but now that I think about it, it makes total sense. First of all it’s freezing outside, in fact it’s forecast to snow across the UK on Monday (note to self: prepare for a bad hair day). Secondly, it marks one month since we ‘broke up’ for the Christmas holidays, holidays that are now nothing but a distant memory. Thirdly, it’s still a good week and a half away from payday for most people. And above all, it’s a Monday. No-one gets excited about a Monday.

I wasn’t at all prepared for this  grim day until this morning when I arrived at my desk to find that Batiste had sent me a Monday SOS Beauty pack. How cute! And they are giving you guys the chance to win one too. It’s filled with wonderful things to get you and your fabulous self through even the coldest and bleakest of Mondays. To enter, you need to tweet @BatisteHair this coming Monday with a reason why you need a boost, followed by the Hashtag #BatisteSOS. But do not tweet until Monday the 19th, any tweets prior to this won’t be entered into the competition. And trust me you want to win this pack, it will help you out for many Mondays to come, just look what you get inside:

Truly Radiant Teeth Brightner & Whitening // Let’s start our Monday with a smile (for a change)
Kallo Fruity Muesli & Yoghurt // That’s breakfast sorted, and a healthy one too
Batiste Cherry Dry Shampoo // Because who wants to spend their scared Sunday evenings washing their hair?
Batiste Smoothing Dry Conditioning mist // ^ See Above ^
Denman Handbag styling brush // No more Monday morning fly-aways
Volumising Lengthening Mascara // No more dull Monday morning eyes
St Moriz Tanning mouse // Let’s at least pretend we spent the weekend in Miami
Little Miracles White Organic energy drink // ‘What two day hangover? I’m completely revitalised’
Batiste XXL plumping Powder // Brilliant for restyling the remains of Saturday nights ‘up do’
Batiste Mirror // To hand to your colleagues as you show them how shocking they look, whereas you on the other hand are KICKING MONDAY’s ASS!


Your SOS pack will come gift boxed and tucked into a Batiste Tote Bag. Remember, do not tweet until Monday the 19th and use the hashtag #BatisteSOS. Good luck and I look forward to reading all your tweets!