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App Alert • Spin My Planet

January 13, 2015

I only have 8GB of memory on my (very ancient) iPhone 4, which means I have to be very selective of what apps I download and use. I don’t have the space to clog my phone with crap. But one new app that I’ve added to my collection is Spin My Planet, a unique image sharing app. At first, I thought maybe Instagram had married Vine and together they had birthed Spin My Planet. But after downloading this fresh and playful app and creating my very own ‘Spins’ there is an obvious and distinct difference  that separates Spin My Planet from other photo apps.

Spin My Planet lets you take a selection of photos (upto 20) that are published in one post, these then playout as you swipe the post/screen with your finger. The result is a story telling gif-style flip book, that can playout slowly, quickly, forwards or reverse, depending on your own finger. Watch the super quick video to see…

If your a little bored of playing with filters and want to be more creative with your image posts, then this app is for you. It literally brings your photos to life and adds dimension. It is a must have app for Fashion bloggers who love doing OOTD posts, you can literally take 20 different outfit poses in one Spin. And Beauty Bloggers are able to do some amazingly clever GRWM spins, showing a mini makeup tutorial in a matter of seconds. This app really gets your creative juices flowing. The ideas for playful posts are endless, check out some of my own spins…

And it wouldn’t be a worthy app without the option of sharing, so of course Spin My Planet cleverly created an option to ‘Make Your Spin Social’ enabling you to share your Spins with your Facebook friends and your Twitter followers (similar to Instagram it appears as a link). It also creates an embed code for you should you want to post your spins in a blog post, like I have above. This completely unique app is also completely free too, so it is definitely worth a download. I’m having heaps of fun with it so why not download and come and befriend me? My username is Tinkjayne. Happy Spinning.