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Instagram Diary No.61

January 11, 2015


1) Back to the office life; Coffee and a Bannana
2) I’m making a huge effort to eat healthier
3) Friday night cocktails in London
4) Post filming mess

The week started off a miserable one with it being the return to ‘Real Life’ after Christmas. Yet the week turned into a very positive one. One of my New Year resolutions is to get fit and so I’ve started power walking and doing sit ups. I’ve also cut out most of my unhealthy snacks instead opting for healthier foods like fruits. The power walking alone has been amazing, not only for my body but my mind. And all the healthy food is giving me loads of energy, meaning I’m actually getting stuff done. I’m such a lazy one for doing blog photos or videos, but yesterday I filmed a video and edited it in the same day (watch here) plus I drafted two other blog posts. Maybe it’s January, maybe it’s the exercise, but I’ve been feeling so motivated this week, so much so I booked myself onto a writing course to push me towards resolution no.2 – writing my story. Lets hope my positive attitude at least sticks around until the course begins next month.