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Brunch Food London

Breakfast at Foxcroft & Ginger • Soho, London

January 8, 2015

Foxcroft & Ginger

3 Berwick Street, Soho, W1F 0DR

Unfortunately we had to endure a wet and windy one last Saturday. I felt as though Mother Nature was trying to keep me locked in doors all day. Fortunately I had a breakfast date with me, myself and I, bright and early in central London, and no amount of downpour was going to get between me and my food! Not when I had been invited to Foxcroft & Ginger* to try out some of their tasty and homely British food. Foxcroft & Ginger are a brand that are proud to make creative foods using locally-sourced ingredients. They have a café in Whitechapel, and a cute little cafe in Soho which is where I dined. They are also popular for their breads and pastries, all of which are sourdough based (for easier digestion apparently) and are freshly baked each day in the Soho kitchen. On top of their pastries, I’ve heard they also make a crackin’ sourdough based pizza, and serve top notch red wine! However I decided to head down their nice and early (9.30am is early for me) opting to try the breakfast menu instead. On this particular occasion I was flying solo, so I took with me my book and some blog bits to catch up on. I arrived nice and early and there was only one other customer. How peaceful, I thought, And cosy.

foxcroft & Ginger 12


foxcroft & Ginger 9

I took a seat in the middle upstairs and ordered a latte. There are more seats downstairs and more space (and I overheard the waitress tell a customer the wifi works better down there) but I was happy sitting in the cosy upstairs area looking out at the rain, very comfy. The waitress also brought me over some water which was served in an old school style milk bottle – do people still get those? – which I thought was such a cute touch. And the coffee was not only very pretty, but it taste fantastic, proper coffee!

foxcroft & Ginger 2

foxcroft & Ginger 3

In an attempt to be healthy I ordered the Spiced fruit with yoghurt, rosemary flavoured honey and chai seeds (£4.95). This is not something I would normally order, but with the New Year comes a new health kick. I was very tempted by the hash brown, sausage, egg & muffin in bloody mary sauce (£6.95) but I stuck to my plan and ordered the fruit (but next time your mine hash brown). I was surprised at how much I enjoyed my chosen breakfast. The spiced fruit was incredible, and whilst I couldn’t see the chai seeds amongst the dark sauce of the fruits, I felt healthier just knowing they were in there somewhere, being eaten by moi. I couldn’t finish it all as it was a rather large serving, but it was super tasty and I would definitely order again. If your looking for a sweet breakfast but your watching the calories then I recommend this, the yoghurt was really refreshing, but it was the spiced fruit that had my taste buds tingling. If you are NOT watching your calories then there is a whole variety of naughty bits for you to order, there is even alcohol available on the Breakfast and Brunch menu including Mimosa’s – fancy!

foxcroft & Ginger 4

foxcroft & Ginger 5

I ordered another latte as I was far too comfortable to leave. By now more people where filling the place up; friends meeting for brunch, couples grabbing a coffee and of course solo hipsters with their laptops, setting up camp for the day at the table near the window. The rain poured outside as the atmosphere got warmer inside; the aroma of coffee and cake pulling people in. Overall I was very impressed with Foxcroft & Ginger, friendly service, yummy food and tasty coffee – what more could you want from a Saturday morning? Hmmmm, maybe some cake….

foxcroft & Ginger 11

foxcroft & Ginger 8

foxcroft & Ginger 7 foxcroft & Ginger 6

After my second coffee I packed away to give up my spot for a new customer and decided to head home, but not before picking a cake to take with me. Screw being THAT healthy, there was no way I would have been able to resist a freshly baked treat. Cake is my spirit animal after all. It was a tough choice as everything looked incredible, but I’m a sucker for carrot cake and this particular one looked scrumptious. It wasn’t a piece of cake, it was a block! The waitress kindly boxed it up for me and off me and my block of cake went into the rain. I later demolished the whole thing at home with a mug of hot tea whilst hiding from the rain – scrumptious indeed.

foxcroft & Ginger 13

foxcroft & Ginger 14