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Stocking Fillers • Bits for Bloggers

December 8, 2014

‘Bits for Bloggers’ is the fifth and final part of my ‘Stocking Fillers’ gift guide posts. So far I’ve done Boyfriends, BFF’s and Sisters, even a list for Mums and a list for Dads. But I thought with the blogging community being sooooo huge now, why not do a Stocking filler gift guide specifically for bloggers. I don’t doubt there will be lots of bloggers gifting each other, or maybe there is a blogger in your family that your struggling to buy for. Either way I thought it might be useful to do Blogger gift list. I would like to point out this list is focusing on Lifestyle bloggers, so if its a Gaming blogger your buying for, I’m afraid I can’t help you. But be sure to check out my other stocking Filler posts, I hope they’ve been helpful…

Gifts for Blogger

140 Ultimate Twitter LOLS // £7.99
Give the blogger in your life a good laugh with this book of ultimate Twitter LOLS. It’s not only a good book for a giggle, but also a good guide as to ‘what NOT to do on Twitter’ Written by the social media manager of Asos, Sedge Beswick, she shows us there are plenty of lessons to be learned

Models Own Hyper Gel Ultimate Collection // £15
If your blogger reviews beauty products, then they will LOVE this collection of ten gorgeous models own shades of gel-effect formula, these pastel shades are just stunning

Zoella Beauty Eyes Beauty bag // £8
The queen of vlogging, Zoella, has released her own Beauty range, and I think every beauty blogger would recognise these bright eyes if they spotted them in her stocking

Personalised Mixer Cooks Notebook // £9.95
Blogging and baking seem to go hand in hand these days, so why not purchase your blogger this personalised notebook to write down all their fave recipes?

Selfie Stick // £4.59
Whilst some bloggers may have perfected the selfie, some of us still struggle with angles and arm-ache, which is where this selfie stick comes in handy. This is the perfect gift for all those selfie and Instagram addicts

Blogger Business Cards // £20.95 (100 cards)
Personally I love the style of these business cards and would be chuffed to find these in my stocking. If she/he doesn’t already have some, why not get them printed as a surprise?

Tres Amaze iPhone 5 case // £8
A phone is a bloggers best friend. We need that thing at all times for emailing, tweeting, instagramming, facebooking, writing notes, diary checking and all other blogging tasks. So make sure your blogger pal has the prettiest looking phone with this ‘Tres Amaze’ iPhone case.

‘Today is the Day’ Mug // £9.50
I love to blog with a cuppa, I’m sure all bloggers do. So I thought this mug was perfect, as I’m sure these are our exact thoughts as we sit down with a brew to begin a day of blogging.

Travel Journal // £15
For the travel bloggers, surprise them with this cute travel journal for them to list recent trips, future adventures or write down blog post ideas

Can any bloggers out there add to the list? What would you like to see in your stocking?