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Stocking Fillers • Dearest Dad

December 7, 2014

So today is Part Four of my Stocking Filler posts and I’ve put together a list of gift ideas for our Dear Dads. With a price range of £6 to £28, I’ve picked nine gifts I think would be great to pop in your Dads stocking, or slip under the tree for him.

Gifts for Dad

Scarf // £10
Give your dad some warm style this Christmas with this snuggly and stylish scarf (free delivery too!)

L’Oreal Paris Men Expert ‘The Action Hero’ Gift Set // £9.99
Make your Dad feel like an action hero with this gift set that contains Hydra Energetic Quenching Gel and Thermic Resist Deodorant. Nice and energy boosting so he play with all the Kids/Grandkids on Christmas Day.

Whiskey Stones Set // £15
No need for ice anymore with these cool Whiskey Stones. He simply just places them in the freezer for a few hours to have cool blocks for his drink . Pretty awesome eh? Not to mention they are reusable! Either select a plain set of nine, or choose from the words ICE, DAD, or DRINK, or for a few more bob you can personalise them – so many options!

Whiskey Rocker Glasses // £7.99
Why not get these set of two Rocker whiskey glasses to go with your whiskey stones. These two gorgeous glasses come gift boxed and are a bargain

Baby Scan Wallet Keepsake // £25
For all the new Dads out there, why not give them a little keepsake (and reminder) for his wallet of the newest member of the family

‘stuff that doesn’t go anywhere’ Tin // £7.20
Men are just as bad as women for cluttering, only they clutter random things like batteries and pieces of plastic. So why not get your Dad a tin to put all his ‘stuff that doesn’t go anywhere’

Leather Gift Set – Wallet & Belt // £22
You can’t go wrong with a wallet and belt, two necessities for every man. Plus free delivery on this gift set

Personalised Apron // £28
For the Dad who cooks why not dish up this gift for Christmas, a personalised Apron and you can even pick his top three dishes to add on to the apron

Whiskey Truffles // £3
Something sweet is always a good gift for a Dad or a Grandparent, combine it with some Whiskey and it’s a perfect little Christmas gift

Have I missed anything? Have you already got an awesome gift for your Dad? Or still struggling? Let me know in the comments below…