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Stocking Fillers • Made for Mum

December 5, 2014

For today’s Stocking Filler post it’s all about the Mums. I know all Mums are different, but below I’ve put together a list of things I think were made for Mums, from Bath essentials (yes, they are essential!) to Jewellery and homeware….

Gifts for Mum

‘Home is Where the Gin is’ Print // £18
My boyfriend’s mum has this hanging in her kitchen and it looks great, I definitely think this is one the Mums will love. It may not fit in the stocking, but a good present nonetheless.

Twilight Lush Bath Bomb // £3.35
Why not introduce your Mum to the magic of Lush bath Bombs (which I’m yet to try by the way). If I were buying for my Mum, I would go for this Twilight bomb; it’s main ingredient is Lavender and as it runs a deep pink through the water it sets off oils that will help your Mum to have a good nights rest.

‘Feels like Heaven’ Bath Caddy // £29.50
Another one that might be a bit too big for the Stocking, but a must buy for all bath lovers. This bath caddy can hold her soap, her wine, a candle and prop up her book, giving your Mum the ultimate relaxing bath experience she deserves.

Mother and Daughter Bangle // £13.95
This gorgeous bangle is a bargain at less than £14. The message reads: We’ve been Mother and Daughter right from the start… and the Friendship we share is a gift from the Heart. Naaawwwwww

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Honey Drops Body Cream // £12.80
All Mums need a little pampering at Christmas so why not treat her to this Elizabeth Arden Body cream (which currently has 20% off at

Classic Book Case for Kindle // £24.95
Why not pick one of these classic book covers for your Mams kindle? Options include Pride & Prejudice, The Secret Garden and The Great Gatsby to name but a few, and are available for the Kindle 3 and upwards.

Mums Tea in a matchbox // £4.99
This is so adorable, and perfect for Mums who love a good brew; little heart shaped Tea’s with tiny bottled up pink sugar in an adorable vintage style ‘I Love Mum’ matchbox.

Mini Yankee Candles // £1.20
Tesco do a brilliant selection of mini Yankee Candles. Buy a few different scents and pop in them your Mums stocking.

Mi-Pac Rattlesnake make-up bag // £18  New Year, New Mum, so she’ll need a new make-up bag surely? I love this fake snake mi-pac bag, I think my Mum would love it.

What do you think? Would your Mum love to find any or all of these in her stocking? or am I missing any other vital Mum gifts? Let me know in the comments below.