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Stocking Fillers • Buying for the Boyfriend

December 3, 2014

Personally, I think Christmas Stockings are one of the best things about Christmas, although we all ask for a big prezzie, sometimes it’s the little gifts I get super excited about. With that in mind, this year I thought I would share some small gift and stocking filler ideas for your loved ones. I decided to kick it off with the Boyfriends….

My boyfriend isn’t your usual run of the mill, sporty, football-fanatic lads lad. He is a rum drinking, heavy metal, hipster-hating, bearded geek, and I say that with nothing but dear dear love for him, I wouldn’t change him for the world. But it does make present buying a tad difficult. I’ve found in the past that the majority of stores offering a ‘Gifts for him’ section just seem to over sell on football or golf novelty bits. Do you have the same problem?

Fortunately, I’ve done some digging around this year, not to mention I had my boyfriend’s birthday not too long ago, so I’ve come up with a great list of presents that I hope will make it into your fella’s stocking.

gifts for him

Beard Kit // £29.50
If your lover is a Bearded lover why not treat him to this Beard Kit which includes Beard Soap, Beard Balm, and moustache wax.

The Road Book // £6.29
Although it has been made into a Hollywood movie, the original book made it onto Esquire’s 30 Books Every Man Should Read by 30 list

Scratch Off Travel Map // £11.95
If your partner is an avid Traveler, gift them with this map to hang on their wall so that they can scratch off every new city or country they visit

Baconaise // £4.95
My stomach churned at the thought of this, but I know this would be something my boyfriend would no doubt love and put on all his sandwiches . Ew.

Inflatable Gadget Chair // £34.95
Okay, maybe a little on the large side for a stocking filler, but what guy wouldn’t love this, I love this! For those of you (me especially) who can’t afford to purchase a friends-style Lazy boy chair, this is the next best thing. With speakers in the headrest, cables to connect to media devices, pockets for their mags and a cup holder, this is actually a bargain of a gift.

Hip Flask // £12
If your boyfriend is anything like mine, I’m sure this Vintage style Hip Flask would go down a treat. Or try this one from Asos that comes with a Keyring (and free delivery)

Lonely Planet Instant Expert book // £14.99
I’m sure our men think they are already experts on everything, so why not give them the opportunity to actually be an expert with this book by Lonely Planet.

Comics: A Global History // £19.95
Let your boyfriend release his inner child (and Geek) by having a look through the history of comic books from 1968 to present day.

Chocolate Stilson // £14.95
Does he have a sweet tooth? Then he will be relieved to see that you haven’t bought him tools, it’s just chocolate

What do you think? Are any of these to your boyfriends taste? Do you have any goodies to add to this list? Let me know, in the comments below.