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What happens in Vegas….

November 19, 2014

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you may have noticed more than a few Las Vegas posts. I was lucky enough to spend seven nights in this fun, flashy, fast-paced city where the drinks are free, the food is fantasticΒ and everything is bigger and better. It was both mine and the Beards first time and our expectations were exceeded. From hotel roller coasters with jaw-dropping views, to insane nightclubs and cocktails bars; we absolutely loved it. We got to spend Halloween there too which was mental (Americans know how to do fancy dress properly!) Anywho, I just wanted share my Vegas Vlog with you guys, make sure to watch it all if you want to see all the crazy Halloween havoc we caused. I’ve also posted a few photo’s below. There are plenty more Vegas posts to come, including a Grand Canyon one – that post I am very excited about – but for now, sit back, relax and check out what happened in Vegas, because it never stays there…

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