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Be Bold • The National UK Blog Awards 2015

November 11, 2014

I’m afraid I’m going to annoy the hell out of you all by doing another ‘if you like this blog, please vote for me’ plea. Well, it’s not exactly a plea (I’m not on trial) it’s more of a favour (yes, another one). I am so very appreciative of all your wonderful Cosmo votes, they meant so much to me, and I am eternally grateful to every single one of you for giving me that amazing opportunity (more about all that jazz over here). But if you could spare just one more minute of your time, I could do with another cheeky vote…

I have been nominated for a UKBA for their 2015 awards for ‘Best Lifestyle Blog’ *does a little dance* It all begins with a public vote, which takes place over the next 21 days. Then in December the top 10 blogs from each category are shortlisted and later announced. The finalists then get to attend the awards next year where the winners are crowned by a Panel of industry experts. Sounds amazing, right? (Although I don’t think there is any actual crowns awarded, but instead some snazzy plaques).

If you read my blog, like it, and find it worthy a vote, then just Click Here or on the button below to be taken to my Voting Page. This voting page is very simple and takes less than 30 seconds to complete, just enter your name, then your email address, hit submit. Easy Peasy.

voteVery surprisingly, I was also nominated for ‘Most Innovative Blog’ *does another little dance, a slightly more innovative one* I am not feeling too confident about this category, hence pleading asking kindly for votes in the Best Lifestyle category as a priority over this one. But of course, if you fancy sparing two minutes instead of just one, then please feel free to vote for me in this category too by Clicking Here, it would mean so much.

I apologise for the ‘please vote’ post, I know there isn’t much content to it bar me giving you voting instructions, boooring. But as I said in my very first vote request, you’ve got to be in it to win it! I don’t expect to be shortlisted, but by golly I can try, after all the UKBA 2015 theme – and hashtag – is #BeBold and I intend to. Whilst blogging in my bed on a Sunday afternoon is my favorite thing to do, I intend to take my blog places, BIG places, and make it not just about Tink, but All About EVERYTHING (picture a ‘Pinky & The Brain’ situation but a lot less evil, I’m Pinky, the Blog is the Brain!)

Voting closes Monday 10th December 2014, so lets get them votes in. Once you’ve voted it would be great if you could share the love on Twitter, don’t forget to tweet me and use hashtags #UKBA15 and #BeBold