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Photo Diary Special • The Blogtober Project 2014

November 10, 2014

This year was my third year taking part in Blogtober. Once again I put my usual spin on it, snapping up pics and instagraming them on a daily basis, as appose to writing a post every day (they do say ‘an image speaks a thousand words’ so really it’s just my laziness getting the better of me). I normally post my Blogtober pics as soon as we’ve headed into the month of November, but this year my post is quite late as I was in America up until last Thursday.

Blogtober was a fantastic month, kicking off in North London and ending in Las Vegas, with so much going on in between; there was the Cosmo Blog Awards, a trip to Liverpool, the Cheltenham Races, and not forgetting Comicon. I managed to snap up 30 days, but had to skip day 27 due to pure hectic mayhem and stress. But enough gabbing about it, check it out for yourself….



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