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5 Reasons I want to go to Egypt

October 29, 2014


Gone are the days of my mediocre holidays where I do nothing but laze by the pool and read gossip magazines for seven days straight. Now Iโ€™m all bout adventure, culture, and dare I say it โ€“ Magic! And one place I believe you will find all three of these is the enchanted country of Egypt home to Lost Temples, Giant Sphinxโ€™s, the River Nile and of course the Pyramids. Here are five reasons I want to go to Egyptโ€ฆ


Reason no.5) So I can have the Ultimate โ€˜Soukโ€™ Experience
I love a good market! There is something magical about strolling through a labyrinth of hustle and bustle and friendly strangers all wanting to sell you their exotic goods. Iโ€™d love to spend a day wandering an Egyptian souk, taking in the aroma of the spices, nibbling on Egyptian tit-bits along the way, and splurging on lots of foreign perfumes and handmade bags. And now that Iโ€™m fully accustomed to bartering, Iโ€™d love to see what bargains I could come away with.


Reason no.4) So I can Gorge on Egyptian Cuisine
โ€œShall we order Egyptian tonight?โ€ is a sentence that has never fallen out of my mouth. Itโ€™s normally Chinese or American. But during my year of backpacking I indulged in so many different types of food that my mouth is now open to trying as many exotic foods as I can, wide open, and recently a few Egyptian dishes have caught my eye. I read about the Egyptian dish Fatta; rice with fried bread, covered in a garlic and vinegar meat soup, served with deep-fried poached eggs and chunks of beef (Oops, just drooled on my keyboard). How yummy does that sound? It is quite a fatty dish, normally eaten before or after a fast, however most other Egyptian dishes consist of lots of vegetables and legumes, such as Baba Ghanoush and Tahini Salad, both of which look delicious.


Reason no.3) So I can ride a Camel through the Desert
Iโ€™ve swam with Sharks, hugged Tigers, rode Elephants, played with wild monkeys and petted Koalaโ€™s. I think riding a Camel through an Egyptian Desert would make a lovely addition to my โ€˜Animal Encountersโ€™ list. Although Camels might not be the cutest of animals, they are incredible creatures, designed for treks through the Desert and can apparently go weeks without food and water. But I do think itโ€™s important to research the companies who offer these types of activities. Iโ€™m an animal lover, so I hate the thought of working with a company who mistreat their animals. It would be massively important for me to know that if the Camel Iโ€™m riding is their main source of income, then they treat it that way and house it in the best conditions possible (especially if the poor thing has to carry my big fat bum around).


Reason no.2) So I can Snorkel in the Red Sea
Iโ€™m not the strongest swimmer, so I was always more of a โ€˜laze by the poolโ€™ type of girl. But after an incredible experience snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef, I am converted. As Sebastian the Crab once said โ€œDown where itโ€™s wetter, you know it is betterโ€ and I think he may be right. The colours, the fishes, the coral โ€“ itโ€™s all so beautiful! I regret not doing more snorkelling trips in the past, so if I can get to Egypt, I fully intend to get my Snorkel-on in the Red Sea and take in those stunning rainbow-coloured reefs (and Iโ€™m determined to swim with Wild turtles, determined I tell you!)


Reason no1) So I can gaze at the Ancient Pyramids
Obviously this is my no.1 reason to go to Egypt. It would be foolish of anyone to go to Egypt and not visit these ancient landmarks. There is so much history there and something almost magical about them. The Pyramid of Khufu is the only one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World still standing. Seeing it in real life would truly blow my mind. A friend of mine visited the Pyramids last month and her reaction alone has had me dreaming of a holiday to Egypt, โ€œPhotographs donโ€™t do them justiceโ€ she said โ€œYou have to see it to believe itโ€ and I intend to.

History, culture, and not forgetting the hot weather, Egypt looks promising for a luxury vacation mixed with plenty of backpacking adventure. And with tour operators such as First Choiceย offering accommodation fit for a King and Queen, itโ€™s looks like it could be the perfect type of getaway. Egypt โ€“ your officially on my bucket list.


This post was written by Tink Jayne, contributed by First Choice