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A Zombie Apocalypse hits East London

October 28, 2014

Ever fancied being chased around by terrifying Zombies in the deepest and darkest streets of East London?


Okay, how about being chased around by terrifying Zombies in the deepest and darkest streets of East London where there is also a bar and a cinema? Right, I think I’ve got your attention now.

I am so excited – albeit slightly scared – to be going along to the Backdoor Cinema event Zombie Apocalypse*. I’m not really a Horror movie fan, but at Halloween I always make exceptions. Not to mention, this isn’t just a Horror movie, this is an interactive zombie cinema experience (see, I was serious about the Zombies).

From the 31st of October all the way till the 9th of November, Backdoor Cinema will be hosting the Zombie Apocalypse in a secret East London Location. The secret location will only be told to you once you have purchased your ticket to this eery and questionable ‘Safe House’. Once you arrive at the safe house you will need to pass quarantine in order to be allowed in, but that may be a tad difficult with the all infected Zombies running around, hoping to pull you down and take a bite out of you!

I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty terrified of having the Bejesus scared out of me by a one-armed Zombie chasing me down a one-way corridor, but that’s half of the fun. The other half of the fun is chomping down on some good food and drinking a cold beer whilst watching a well-known Horror movie (and toasting your survival through the Safe House from Hell). The movies being shown include Evil Dead, 28 Days Later and Zombieland. I’m going to the Evil Dead Matinee on Sunday the 9th of November. Are you up for it?

For more infomation or to book tickets click here, quick, before they all sell out  you get infected too. Hurry!