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So Fresh and So Clean • Pact Coffee Review

October 26, 2014

I spent Saturday morning playing with my Pact Coffee starter Kit, which was an absolute delight, mainly because of the warm, soothing yet perky aroma it left swirling around my flat. My kitchen smelt like a coffee shop.

Despite being an avid tea drinker I do love my coffee, especially in the mornings. Occasionally at work I have a Latte but at home I just drink the instant stuff. Then last month Pact Coffee contacted me and insisted I try out their coffee, claiming it was ‘Fresh’ and ‘World class’. How could I say No to that?

Pact Coffee

Whether your using a drip system, a Cafetiere, an Aeropress, or an espresso machine, Pact can supply fresh coffee for all. But of course typical tea-drinker me had none of these fancy appliances, so Pact kindly sent me a little starter kit with a V60 dripper and some filters. They also sent me a huge pouch – 250g to be exact – of fresh Toffee Apple ground coffee (if you prefer to grind your own coffee, you can simply just order the beans). I did my scooping, pouring and dripping until I had a full cup of Toffee Apple coffee sat in front of me. I added my milk and a little something sweet and sat down to enjoy my first Pact Coffee.

I can honestly say it was one of the best cups of coffee I’ve had in a while. Whilst I didn’t really taste any Apple, there was a little burst of Toffee with every sip. Mmmmmmm, Toffee Coffee, it was delicious, and so much nicer than drinking an instant coffee. And that’s what it’s all about; Pact’s ultimate mission is to get the UK drinking better fresher coffee. Their coffee beans come from farms all over the world (mine was from Guatemala) and is shipped to the UK where it is roasted in small batches.

At first, I wasn’t sure about a Coffee subscription service, it seemed unnecessary. But after doing some playing around on the Pact Coffee website, I’m totally sold, in fact I’ve just signed up and ordered another batch, this time going for San Antonio (also known as Chocolate Digestive) which the Pact system recommended for me by quizzing me about my coffee preferences and habits. The website itself is easy to navigate, helpful, useful and just like Pacts pretty packaging, is very easy on the eye.

When it comes to Pact, I think you should give it a SHOT, by any BEANS necessary! Go On, ESPRESSO yourself. Okay that’s enough Coffee Puns for today. But seriously, if you fancy trying out Pact Coffee, then use the discount code TINK-S6HAZG to get your 250g bag of coffee for just £1, yes One Pound! That includes P&P. Click here to visit the Pact site and get ordering. And don’t worry Pact don’t tie you into any subscriptions or contracts. Let me know which flavor you get and how you like it? It would be great to swap tips and recommendations.

Thanks a Latte (…..sorry)