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Ireland • Brunch at Nancy’s (Pub of the Year 2013)

September 30, 2014


On the Sunday after another heavy night on the beer, we headed to Nancy’s Pub in Ardara for some much needed brunch, it was to be our final meal in Donegal as we were Dublin bound straight after. We not only needed some salty goodness to soak up our hangover, but some decent stodge to line our stomachs for the big night we had ahead of us in Dublin (the Irish really know how to drink, this was to be our fifth night on the sauce).

Nancy’s was voted Pub of the Year 2013, and it’s not hard to see why. Small but cosy and full of character, it has several little rooms, all filled with artifacts, books, open fire places and a warm relaxing atmosphere. We had several drinks there on the Friday evening too; the others indulged on the many craft beers Nancy’s offers, whilst I tried out a variety of Ciders (and Alice had her vodka of course).



When it came to Sunday brunch, Noel had been banging on about the Chowder, and was insisting we all try it. I didn’t even know what Chowder was, the only reference I have to Chowder is the Family Guy episode (yes, you know what episode I’m talking about, eurgh) so as soon as I heard the word ‘Chowder’ my stomach turned. BUT, I wanted to try something new, and so far all Noel’s Cider recommendations had been superb (in case your not sure, Chowder is basically a seafood stew).

Nancy’s menu is mainly seafood, and with such a great menu on offer, plus a huge specials menu, we were all able to order something different. Around our table we had Irish stew, Haddock, Muscles and more. The chowder lived up to it’s famous reputation. It’s very salty, like super salty, it’s almost like eating fish straight from the sea (but cooked and that, obvs). It was served in a large oval bowl with two slices of brown bread and butter, perfect for mopping up the final bits. I had never tried Chowder before but I’m totally sold on it. In fact, I’ve been craving it ever since we came back to London. I’ve looked at recipes online but none of them look how it did it at Nancy’s, which is apparently a very old secret recipe. Looks like I’ll just have to go back one day to satisfy my Chowder craving.

I finished off my brunch by ordering a slice of chocolate Guinness cake (oh my goodness, so yummy) which was washed down with a lovely pot of tea, both went down a treat, and it was a perfect way to finish my Nancy’s brunch.

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