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Ireland • Glenveagh National Park

September 29, 2014

After our Hangover Hiking Session we visited the beautiful National Park of Glenveagh. Here, Collum (being in his natural habitat) gave us a guided tour of the grounds and gardens which were stunning and full of local plants, flowers and trees, as well as exotic ones too. We even got very friendly with a little Robin who popped over to say Hello.

If you ever find yourself in Donegal I definitely recommend a visit to Glenveagh National Park, it’s just beautiful – made even more so by the fantastic weather we had – and although we were only there for about two hours due to other plans, I could easily have spent all day wandering the gardens, enjoying nature and gorging on the homemade cakes in the parks cute little tea rooms – next time, for sure!




  • Baby Blue

    Love the close up of the Robin. Amazing shot :) x x

  • Thanks! It was actually taken on my iPhone 4, can you believe it? They all were actually xx