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Ireland • It’s time for a Montage

September 23, 2014

I finally got round to making my Ireland vlog. I’m still new to vlogging and didn’t want to bore people with a twenty minute video of me rambling on about Ireland (I don’t think I’m at the stage yet) so I just chucked all my GoPro footage into a four minute montage. I’m also new to GoPro’ing, so the footage is all a bit shakey as I just flung the camera around everywhere. The vlog includes lots of pretty shots of the Irish countryside, a trip to Castle Leslie in Monaghan, a dip in the Atlantic Ocean via Maghera Beach in Donegal, a clamber up Mount Errigal, and a trip to Nancy’s Pub in Ardara. Nancy’s was voted Best Irish Pub of 2012 and I can see why, the food was amazing – and cheap, cheap, cheap – so I plan to write a separate blog post about this place. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the vlog – make sure to watch till the very end – and if you do enjoy it and would like to see more, please subscribe to my channel, she’s still a Baby but I’m planning to fatten her up with juicy content to help her grow.




  • Baby Blue

    Looks so much fun.
    Gota get me a GoPro x x

  • Thank you. Yeah, they are so good :) x