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6 Reasons my Sister is my Hero.

September 22, 2014


It’s my big Sisters birthday today (Happy birthday Jen) and to celebrate I thought I’d write a little blog post about her, much like I did for my Mums birthday earlier this month (5 things my Mum was right about). Although Sisters can be annoying – stealing your clothes, copying your look, using your make-up, oh wait, that was all me – they are also FAB, for hundreds of reasons in hundreds of ways that you can’t always be put into words. BUT, to mark Jens birthday, I decided to share some of those reasons with you, the ones I can put into words anyway. Here are six reasons my Sister is my Hero and forever inspires me:

She is incredibly generous Whilst we may have fought like cat and … cat (?) when we shared a bedroom all those years ago, once Jen and I grew up and became actual friends as well as Sisters, there wasn’t a selfish bone in her body. Whether it was time, advice, money, or her new Topshop dress, Jen was always wanting to share, give or help out and still to this day is incredibly generous.

She is my style guru I was a terror for borrowing stealing Jens clothes when I was younger, but her wardrobe was just so much better than mine. She’s always had better taste than me, Jen is one of those naturally creative and stylish people who can throw together a gorgeous outfit in two minutes, whilst I spend an hour pulling out everything in my wardrobe only to still get it wrong. To this day, I continue to borrow her clothes and I love getting her advice when it comes to planning an outfit. I’m hoping she will dress me for the Cosmo Blog Awards next month (ahem, pretty please Jen?)

Oh, She’s also my beauty guru When I was 12 years old my Sister sat me down and showed me how to shave my legs, much to my parents dismay. Ever since then I have thought of Jen as my go-to-girl for Beauty advice – Jen, what’s cleanser? Do I need to use toner? Which face cream should I use? Jen, What’s highlighting? Can I borrow your base-coat? Even when I wanted to learn about contouring earlier this year, it was Jen who sat me down and showed me what brushes to use and the best YouTube tutorials to watch.

She is by far one of the hardest working people I know From working in a local garden shop as a 16 year old, to today managing an account team at an advertising agency, my Sister has always been career driven and has worked her little arse off to get where she is today. Bar her maternity leave (which isn’t exactly a relaxing break) Jen literally hasn’t stopped working since she was legally allowed to work, in fact I think she may have been illegally working before that.

She’s an Amazing Mum It was strange to go travelling and have my Sister wave me off as her normal self, then 11 months later return to England to my Sister holding a two month old Baby in her arms! I always knew Jen would make a great Mum but combining her incredible generosity with her hard working attitude, Jen really does come up on top when it comes to being a Mum. She will do anything for Baby Harry and not even one year into being a Mother she has already given him such a wonderful life.

She makes me laugh Occasionally I’m laughing AT my Sister and not with her, mainly because she comes out with the funniest ditzy one liners (whilst discussing the ability to roll our tongues Jen turned to me and said ‘I can roll my tongue, but I can’t wink’, as if not being able to wink was just as common as not being able to roll your tongue, as if winking was something that is incredibly hard to do and takes a lot of concentration. I mean, how can you not wink?? It’s just closing one eye!) but most of the time me and my Sister are laughing together. There must be some sort of Sisterly-bond that we have, that when everyone else finds something mildly amusing and has a little chuckle, Jen and I go into laughter over drive. We are both very giggly people, so once one of us starts, the other can’t stop, and before you know it our faces are red and puffy, we are struggling to breathe and our eye make-up is streaming down our cheeks. Everyone else is usually asking ‘What’s so funny?’

Jen recently started her own blog, so if you want to see some of her Fab style, or amazing mummy skills, check out

Happy Birthday Sis!