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Uzuma Juice • Pulp but no Fiction

September 18, 2014

Why is it that everything that tastes so good, is so bad for us? Coca-Cola, Tea, Coffee, even the Naked Juices ‘Superfood’ that I blogged about last month; yes they taste amazing but they are not as natural and healthy as they advertise to be (in fact a few too many and you might have some gas problems). Then there is the stuff that doesn’t taste so great, but of course is very very good for us. Such as Uzuma Green Juices. Whilst all the green-juicing, vegan-eating, thai chi experts out there probably love the taste of Uzuma, pizza-eating, cake-addict, tea drinking Tink doesn’t really have the acquired taste. I am unfortunately too used to the overly-sweet flavour of all these highly addictive high-in-sugar drinks (Dam you Pepsi-co, Dam you).

photo 1

But would the green and healthy taste of Uzuma stop me from drinking it? Hell to the NO. Despite the veggie taste, and all the pulp – there is A LOT of pulp – I still drank them, because Uzuma is actually juice, like real juice, and by that I mean no added sugars, no added purees, no added flavours and no added wheat. And when I say ‘no added’ I mean you won’t find a disclaimer on the underneath of the bottle in size 0.9 font telling you ‘we may have added some stuff, some bad stuff.’ Nope. Uzuma is all good, packing in one giant kilo of raw fruit and veg into a little bottle. But this video probably explains it better than I can…

I have to admit when the box of Uzuma* first arrived on my doorstep, I was a little surprised. Although I had happily accepted Uzuma’s offer of some tasters, I wasn’t expecting this many. In the box sat 28 bottles of seven different flavours. I wasn’t planning on a juice cleanse “Do I have to swap all my food for these bottles of juice now?” I whinged to my boyfriend, “…or do I just drink it Sporadically?” (Cher Horowitz would be proud) But Uzuma’s website soon answered all the questions I had. The site is really helpful and simple to navigate around; it starts by asking you to input your gender, age, height and weight in order to detect which Uzuma package is best for you (Slim / Steady / Fit). Each Uzuma package has a chart that tells you what juices to drink and when (see below). It’s not complicated at all, you have two bottles per day over 14 days, one at 10am, and another around 2pm, but each day and time slot has a different juice. And you just add them to your normal diet, so no need to go starving yourself and surviving on a liquid diet. Just don’t get Uzuma juices confused with cleansing juices. Uzuma isn’t about losing weight but about making sure you’re getting all the daily nutrition without all the hassle of actually sourcing it (although Uzuma do offer a Detox package, but I can’t say I’ve tried it).

uzuma chart

I tried the Uzuma juices for ten days, and although I wasn’t crazy about the taste (the Uzuma Vibe just taste like Beetroot juice, eurgh, however I did enjoy Uzuma Rise, very citrusy) there were plenty of other things I loved about them:

  • The Uzuma juices were easy to add to my diet without giving up any of my treats
  • My Uzuma package (Fit) didn’t require any changes to my lifestyle
  • I found I had more energy throughout the day and therefore slept better at night
  • They are the perfect size to pop into even my small bags, so great to carry around on-the-go
  • Despite not liking the taste, they are only small and therefore easy to quickly down in a few seconds

photo 2I’ve also heard that Uzuma juices build up a better immune system for you and are meant to be really good for your skin, probably something to do with all those vitamins and minerals (there is a kilo’s worth in there after all). I couldn’t afford to have Uzuma stocked in my fridge or my cupboard all the time, each 14 day package is 98 Euros (around £77), but much like my thoughts on the teatox, it’s something I would maybe do a few times a year to give my body that healthy boost it needs.

Have you tried Uzuma? Are you green juice type person? Yes? So you actually like the taste of raw veg all mixed into one? Or do you, like me, just swallow it down because the rest of your diet is atrocious and you hope this will make up for it? Thoughts please :)