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This one time, In Ireland…

September 16, 2014

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Hello there from a very tired, dishevelled (and possibly still merry) Tink Jayne! Lastnight I got back from Ireland where I spent five days hanging out with some amazing Irish friends of mine, two of whom I hadn’t seen in two years, and one very special friend, Claire, I hadn’t seen in 18 months. I used to see her pretty Irish face every day when she lived with me in London, but she shipped herself back to Dublin about six months before I shipped myself off to Asia, so to say visitations have been a little sparse would be an understatement.

A reunion was definitely in order, as were Birthday Celebrations for the Beard (which was yesterday), plus I really wanted an excuse for a holiday, so when Claire invited us over for a long weekend in Ireland we of course said ‘YES’. We booked our flights a few weeks ago and after an unusually short countdown, on Thursday me and the Beard flew from London to Dublin to meet Claire, her Fiance Noel and our friend Alice from Kilkenny. Thursday night was spent in Dublin catching up on two years of missed chitchat (that’s a lot of chitchat, it took us till 2am to be fully up to speed) but on Friday morning we drove to Donegal where we were joined by Claire and Noel’s friend Collum and here we spent three days enjoying the Irish countryside. I took a GoPro with me, so I have plenty of pictures and videos coming your way, I’m just going to spend the next few days sorting through the footage and editing, so bare with me. But for now, I just wanted to share a few observations I made during my time in the lovely country of Ireland:

Being in Ireland gives you the ability to drink – a lot! I know the Irish can drink, but I didn’t expect to be able to drink a lot myself, yet I did five nights on the trot. That’s a lot for me. I don’t know how I did it? Maybe there is something in the air over there.
Ireland has white sand beaches Who Knew?
The Irish countryside is breath-taking Hills and Mountains as far as the eye can see. Miles and Miles of green fields. Smooth flat lakes reflecting the beauty of the country. Stunning, just stunning.
Local Pub Music is the best entertainment No drunk girls on karaoke or boy band wannabe’s poorly presenting an open mic night. Nope, in Ireland a local band turns up to the pub with their instruments, probably un-booked, they sit in the corner with a pint, start playing their music and everyone and anyone can join in for a good old sing song.
Everything sounds funnier in an Irish accent It just does. I might start putting one on when I tell jokes.
The Irish like to look after their tush In Ireland they have lovely soft toilet paper everywhere. In England our clubs and pubs have that horrible dry, rough tissue, but not in Ireland, every loo I used had lovely soft toilet paper.




  • Good to know about the loo paper – I always said the Irish know their sh*t. Awful punnage completely unintentional!
    I can’t believe that bottom left photo is Ireland! It’s firmly on the wanderlust list.
    M x Life Outside London

  • Hahaha! Brilliant pun there. I do love a good pun.
    I know, it’s so beautiful, I defo recommend a visit. I’d love to do a big long road trip! X x