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What’s in my Backpack?

September 9, 2014


I’ve never done a ‘What’s in My Bag?’ post, probably because you’d mostly find old snotty tissues, scrumpled up post-it notes, battered books, chocolate wrappers and a trillion pens. Not that interesting really. But I thought it might be handy if I did a ‘What’s in my Backpack?’ post, that’s much more to my taste. And since I’m going on a little adventure to Ireland later this week, I thought it was a great opportunity to snap some pictures of what I’m actually taking in my backpack. PLUS I have a new pretty backpack to show off, it’s a Mia-Pac backpack that I ordered from Surfdrome a few weeks ago for just £24.99, bargain or what? I’m trying to test out if stylish backpacks can sustain the travel lifestyle. Read more about it here.

This list of ‘What’s in my Backpack’ is not only what I’ll be carrying around with me as I adventure in Ireland, but it’s also pretty much what I would pack in a bag if I was doing any kind of day trip, including the ones I did across China, South East Asia and Australia. So, what’s in my backpack?
whats in my backpack
Notepad & Pen I like to carry a notebook around everywhere with me, even in my day-to-day handbag, just in case I feel inspired to write or come up with an idea for a post that I don’t want to forget (plus, if I ever find myself stranded, I may need to approach the idea of a message-in-a-bottle).
Water This is Vital! Especially when I was backpacking through hot countries in Asia. I tend to pack multiple bottles of water in my backpack; it gets heavy, but it’s necessary, and can be a life-saver, like it was for me on one particular hike in which I thought I was going to pass out from the heat.
Plasters I like to have plasters mainly with me for foot related injuries. Walking boots can often rub or cause pain after a few days of walking, even flip flops have managed to scar my feet in the past. Ideally a first aid kit is handy to carry around, even just a little one.
Purse/Money Obviously my purse comes everywhere with me. If I’m going on a hike or a day trip it’s best to carry cash because in remote places you are unlikely to find places that accept cards or play host to a cash machine
Camera It’s not always ideal to lug around a huge camera, but it’s worth it when you see something spectacular that a phone camera just won’t capture as beautifully, like a gorgeous view or a moving animal. However, we all have our ‘can’t be bothered to carry this around’ days, so sometimes I opt for a smaller digital camera, or I just make do with my iPhone 4, but the picture quality is never as good.
Vaseline I always carry a little tub of Vaseline with me. I mainly use it to keep my lips soft and hydrated in cold or dry weather, however Petroleum Jelly is handy to keep in my backpack too as it can be used for a number of other things; you can apply it to rashes to soothe chaffing, apply to nails to keep cuticles soft and undamaged, Petroleum Jelly can even be applied to trapped zips to unlatch them.
ID I’ve shown my passport purely for display purposes (and to avoid showing you guys my shocking DL picture) but I would normally carry around my License, especially in foreign countries. I prefer to keep my passport locked in a safe place so I don’t risk losing it or having it stolen. But I think it’s important to always carry some sort of ID on me, just in case something happens to me (or I fancy myself a glass of wine … what?).
Phone Hopefully a message-in-a-bottle situation can be avoided as long as I have my phone on me. My phone comes everywhere with me, and in Asia it never left my purse or pocket. Not only is it great for emergencies, but it’s also my second notebook, my camera, my access to wifi, my compass, my map and is full of handy travel apps such as XE which is a currency converter (read more on handy travel apps here).
Sunglasses Fingers crossed it’s sunny in Ireland this weekend, I’m hoping I’ll need these. Although, they aren’t just shielders of UV rays but an important accessory perfect for shielding my tired or sometimes hungover eyes from the world.
Deodorant Whether I’m in a cold country, a hot country, or just plain old England, if I’m running around, doing activities, walking or even just on an overnight bus, I’m going to sweat and the last thing I want to be is smelly. I keep either deodorant or body spray with me to freshen up if I need to.
Tissues A Runny nose, an emotional goodbye, a bug that needs removing without skin on skin contact; from experience I’ve always found it handy to carry a pack of tissues.
A Waterproof/Mac in a Pac (not pictured) Regardless of where you are in the world (bar maybe the Sahara Dessert) you never know when the heavens may open. In hot countries the rain didn’t bother me, in fact I welcomed the refreshing showers, but in places like Europe and China, I’m always grateful to have a waterproof in my bag because there’s nothing worse than walking around in wet or damp clothes. I don’t have one pictured (apart from my boyfriend’s up top) because I have a new one on it’s way too me in the post, I’ve got all my fingers and toes crossed that it arrives in time.

What’s in your backpack? Any of the above? Or do you think I’m missing an important item?