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Can a Decent Backpack have Style?

September 8, 2014


Before I won the FYTandco Drift bag at BLFW – which I am to hopefully receive this week or next, woop woop – I was on the hunt for a backpack for all my upcoming adventures. Bored of all your average-joe hiking-type backpacks, I wanted a pack that was not only good quality, spacious and durable but that had some colour and personality to it. No more dull blacks and sporty greens, I wanted some style. Why does travel gear have to be so dull?

After searching on the web for a while, I eventually discovered Mi-Pac, a brand that provide backpacks and duffelΒ bags in an varietyΒ of quirky styles, colours and patterns. In fact it took me a few days to actually narrow it down to this one, I was so spoilt for choice, torn between this purple denim, a leopard print, a tapestry and an aztec print.

DSCN4513 DSCN4520 DSCN4510 DSCN4515

It’s spacious inside, with super strong faux suede on the bottom to withstand the bashing around of daily life, and it’s waterproof (apparently). It is covered inside with waterproof-looking material; I’m no expert, but it looks like it could take a good bashing in the rain. I guess only time will tell. I’m not sure what to expect, as I’ve read mixed reviews about these Mi-Pac backpacks; some saying they are great value for money, whilst others say they only lasted a month on the road. But I’ll be taking the Mi-Pac to Ireland with me this weekend to test it out.

I’m praying it survives the weekend and proves to be a durable and worthy backpack, which would mean no more ugly travel bags for me, it would be style all the way. Hurrah! However, knowing my luck the zip will probably fly off or it will drown in the rain. In which case it’s back to steady, durable, waterproof backpacks – boring!

You can buy Mi-Pac Backpacks from various stockists including AmazonΒ andΒ AsosΒ but I bought mine from SurfdomeΒ (Ssssh, it was slightly cheaper than Asos, just Β£24.99,Β click here to have a gander)