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Bloggers Love Fashion Week • Tweet Boutique

September 8, 2014

After enjoying a little taster of BLFW at the Pre-Party, I was looking forward to finding out what was in store for us Bloggers at the Fashion Week itself. I was unavailable to attend all three days, so I chose to attend on the Wednesday/Day 2 and I took along LoveJenuine (of course).

Whilst the stormy downpour tried to steal the attention of the pre-party, BLFW was met with gorgeous weather on the Wednesday. The event was held in the same stylish location as the previous Fashion Week, the Penthouse in Leicester Square, which boasts stunning views of London.

bloggers love fashion week bloggers love fashion week 2

As per usual, beautiful cupcakes and treats were laid out everywhere for us to help ourselves too.

bloggers love fashion week 6

Downstairs the Fashion Show took place, restarting every 20 minutes in order for everyone to get a chance to see it throughout the night. Tinkilove’s pieces were stunning!

bloggers love fashion week 13

Upstairs was the Tweet Boutique, which was Amazing, and yes Amazing deserves a capital A on this occasion! I LOVE the concept of the Tweet Boutique, whoever came up with this idea is a genius. Here is how it works: lots of different brands all have an area in which they showcase their pieces, but rather than bloggers buying the products, the brands instead have certain pieces that they can give to bloggers in exchange for a Tweet. Basically tweets become a currency. You want a product? Just tweet about it using the brands twitter handler and preferred hashtag and voila you will be gifted with an item! The result? Lots of happy bloggers with lots of cool free stuff to blog about and lots of happy brands having their name and product spread across Twitter with love.

The first brand I tweeted about was Exuviance, who gifted me with an anti-ageing face cream worth almost £50! They are new to the UK and had so many different products on offer, but I chose the product I thought I would benefit from the most. Then I headed over to the Tinkilove’s Capture Collection which I loved.

bloggers love fashion week 3

I loved all these caps, but I tweeted for the #Chimerical cap, which I definitely plan to take to take on holiday with me. what do you think?

photo 2

Next up, I stopped over to visit the girls on the Leighton Denny stand. From afar I thought the girls were giving away lipglosses, but in fact it turns out the products are nail varnishes. Part of the Cocktail Cocktail collections, the Manicure Pens on offer to us were Fashionista, Monochrome, and Persian Delight. I went for Persian Delight. 

bloggers love fashion week 8 bloggers love fashion week 9

I definitely had a favourite brand of the evening, it wasn’t hard to choose. They were FYTandco ….

bloggers love fashion week 11

FYTandco had the most beautiful selection of bags, as well as adorable beanie hats and winter gloves in bright pinks and purples. All were incredibly soft and believe it or not, made from Bamboo!

bloggers love fashion week 4 bloggers love fashion week 5

They gifted me with a beautiful cosmetic bag, which will definitely come in handy with all my travelling. But it didn’t end there, FYTandco were also running a competition to win one of their bags. To enter you had to choose a bag you liked, take a picture of it and tweet about it. FYTandco would chose the winner, with the bloggers chosen bag being the prize. I tweeted a picture of myself wearing the ‘Drift bag’ an adorable backpack that I really wanted my hands on.

photo 4

 I didn’t think I had won but a few days after BLFW, FYTandco tweeted me to tell me I had indeed won. Hurrah! I never win anything, especially not gorgeous backpacks, so I was thrilled.   The ‘Drift Bag’ will soon be adorned on my back for everyone to admire.

LoveJenuine (below) and I spent the rest of the evening looking at pretty things (and picked up Fab earings from Sound Chick Accessories) chatting to designers and bloggers, and we may have eaten a cake (or two). Afterwards we headed out for a glass of wine and a girly catch up. All in all a brilliant night, Thanks Bloggers Love for having us.

bloggers love fashion week 15

bloggers love fashion week 10

bloggers love fashion week 7photo 1




  • Kirsty

    Wowzers, looks like you both had a great time! The Tweet Boutique is such a clever idea, way to go on the face cream! I’m so jealous that I never get to go to bloggers events and such over here but I’ll be keeping an eye out to see the bag you won in all its glory. xxx

    Kirsty –

  • Fabulous 30s

    It looks like it was an amazing event. Those cupcakes looks so yummy. :)

    Fabulous 30s

  • Do you think you would ever move here? Is there much of a blogging community near you? X x

  • They were scrumptious xxx

  • Kirsty

    There’s zero blogging community, or if there is, I’ve never heard of it! Haha.. I’ll eventually move back to the UK but would probably like to live elsewhere first, who knows?! xxx

  • Good for you! I wish I was living abroad again. I hope that I do again at some point.
    And the blogging community will still be here when you get back, so there’s no rush. PLUS, you can still be part of a community without physically being here :) which you very much are x x

  • This event just looks amazing and the vibe seems so lovely. The idea of the tweet boutique sounds incredible. What a great way for bloggers and brands to interact, and you’re so right this gives you so much blog content. I must point out how yummy that cupcake looks x