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BLFW Pre-Party

September 7, 2014

If you haven’t heard of Bloggers Love Fashion Week what rock have you been living under (and is it available to rent for Football World Cups and other major sporting events)? Earlier this year Bloggers Love hosted the first ever Fashion Week tailored purely for bloggers. It was a huge success across the Fashion Blogosphere, so it was no surprise that a second BLFW was to take place. Although I wouldn’t necessarily label myself as a Fashion Blogger (despite what my sweater says), as a Lifestyle Blogger Fashion definitely falls into categories of my blog, as does Beauty which also features strongly at BLFW. The Autumn/Winter Blogging Fashion Week initially kicked off on Monday the 25th of August with a BLFW pre-party which I attended with LoveJenuine…

The Pre-Party was a display of Pink and White as we were greeted by a beautiful candy bar, offering free treats in the form of marshmallows, popcorn and jelly beans. A nail bar was available for you to treat yourself to a manicure, but I headed straight over to the Speed Dating Booth for my 6.50pm appointment to get to know some other bloggers. Here I was able to meet new bloggers, as well as bloggers whom I already follow and who follow me which was really lovely. LoveJenuine joined in and we soon forgot about the Speed Dating and just began one big group chat. Rather than a cocktail we opted for the non-alcoholic beverages and drank strawberry milkshakes with popping candy, topped with teeny tiny marshmallows. We didn’t stay long too though, and once we had grabbed some candy to take home, as well as some cute pencils (engraved with Coco Chanel quotes) we said our Goodbyes and headed off home.