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5 things my Mum was right about

September 4, 2014

As it’s my Mum’s Birthday today (Happy Birthday Mum) I thought I’d write a little Mummy related Blog Post. They say ‘Mum knows best’ so I decided that as I’m a responsible adult now it’s about time I admit that my Mum has been right about quite a few things (not everything Mum, I still think Navy blue is dull colour on me). In honor of her special day, and also to share a few life lessons with you guys, I’ve selected five things – probably the five most important things – that my Mum was completely right about:

You’ll get over him
Every time I blubbered away over a boy, my Mum was there giving me a cuddle telling me ‘time is a healer, you’ll get over him’. And every time I would argue back that she didn’t know what she was talking about, she didn’t understand, my heart was broken, my life was over, I can’t live without him (yes, I was a tad dramatic). But my Mum would still insist that I would get over him. She promised. And although sometimes it was a rough road, every road eventually came to a close and she was right, I always got over the boy in the end.

Overdrafts are Bad News
My parents have always tried to teach me the value of money and how to look after my finances, and when it came to credit my Mum warned me off it like it was the plague. I did a very good job of listening to her, that was until I spread my wings and fled the nest and was offered credit cards and overdrafts left right and centre. I ignored my Mums words and got myself into a little pile of debt. She was right, taking money that wasn’t mine was never going to end well, especially when I didn’t have a stable job to manage it all. Fortunately teaching me to budget at a young age paid off and once I put my mind to it I was able to pay my debts off by myself, and quicker than I thought too. But if only I’d listened in the first place, I wouldn’t have had to pay anything at all.

Ignore the Haters 
Okay, so back in the 90’s it’s unlikely my Mum would have used this exact phrase, but the message was still the same. Growing up my Mum always told me to ignore anyone who called me names and anyone who was to mean to me. This can of course be difficult and no-one wants to seem weak, but whilst growing up and becoming an adult this advice has helped. My Mum pointed out many times (even very recently, when some old ‘friends’ were unexpectedly mean to me at 28 years old!) nastiness and bullying is a form of Jealousy, and in some cases insecurity, so retaliation is not the best way to deal with it. Obviously severe bullying is a serious issue, but if someone wants to call me a name or badmouth me, go ahead, because why would I focus on the ones who hate me, when so many more love me?

A de-cluttered home is a de-cluttered life
My Mum used to nag me constantly about keeping my room tidy and cleaning up after myself, she would tell me that it was important I had clean and tidy surroundings. I just couldn’t understand what the big deal was, as a child mess didn’t bother me. Yet in recent years I have started to notice a difference; if my flat is a mess, so am I! Living in filth makes me lazy, I end up late for work because I can never find anything, I never have anything clean to wear if it’s thrown all over the place, and mess makes me feel completely unmotivated. So these days I tidy A LOT, I do a big clean every weekend and spend ten minutes most nights doing a sweep around the flat. I have to admit my Mum was right (even though the child in me just scowled) waking up and coming home to a clean home makes my mornings stress free and my evenings relaxed.

Manners go a long way
My Mum was very strict when it came to Manners ‘Always say Please and Thank You’ she would say, and when I have children I will enforce this same important rule. Having these words burned into my daily vocabulary certainly paid off. Politeness and gratitude not only make a good impression and reflect well on your parents and family, but sometimes just a simple ‘Thank you’ and a little appreciation can really make someone’s day. And don’t forget, what goes around comes around!

What important life lessons has your mum taught you? Did she ever tell you any of the above? I’d love to know.