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Photo Diary No.57

September 2, 2014

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Last week was a lovely week, much better than the previous. It all kicked off with an invite to the BLFW pre-party on the Bank Holiday, to which I took along LoveJenuine. It was only a small and quiet event in comparison to the actual Fashion event itself, but we munched on some very cute candy and even did some speed dating. The best part of the night was actually having fellow bloggers recognise me by my name as I introduced myself, and vice versa, it was so lovely to meet bloggers I follow, and so fantastic to meet those who follow me. It was a really friendly event and I can’t wait to head to the main event this week.
Midweek consisted of eating Sushi, again, reading magazines and shopping for bags. The bag pictured is my new Weekend bag for the upcoming trips I have planned. It looks small but is actually big and roomy, hmmm, optical illusion maybe?
Friday I headed to Liverpool for the weekend where I gorged on cakes and scones and sandwiches (not in that order) drank lots of tea at Annie’s and got all dressed up on Saturday night for a friends wedding.
What have you been upto? Sushi? Tea? Any Weddings? Fill me in.