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Traditional Tea at Annie’s Tea Rooms • Liverpool

September 1, 2014

It’s my Mums birthday this Thursday but as I can’t be there, my Sister and I drove up to Liverpool at the weekend to treat her to Afternoon Tea at Annie’s, along with our two little Nans, Nan E and Nan B. I know this is my second blog post featuring Annie’s Tea Rooms (my first one being this Video post) but it’s one of my favourite spots in Liverpool, and subsequently where I spent my Saturday afternoon, stuffing my face with the finest of cakes.

On my last visit, my Sister and I ordered ‘Afternoon Tea for One’ where we enjoyed Tea in vintage china, some yummy sandwiches, scones with all the trimmings and a slice of cake each. All for just £8.95 each. But as it was a special occasion this time, I decided to treat us all to the ‘Traditional Afternoon Tea’. It’s exactly the same as the tea for one, however instead of a slice of cake you are presented with five beautifully exquisite desserts EACH (yes five desserts per person) including raspberry & panna cota, a chocolate brownie, and a macaroon styled meringue. This is £10.95, and totally worth every penny. In fact I’d happily pay more as you aren’t limited to just one pot of tea, a fresh pot is made for you on request.

It was such a lovely and relaxing girly afternoon. With my sisters and I living down in London, it’s not often we get to do things like that. And my Nan E has been quite unwell recently too, so it was nice to see her and catch up over a steaming pot of tea. I remember when she used to look after me and she would let me drink tea, she’d make it really milky for me and sweet, so it was just like old times (but this time with cakes). We couldn’t actually finish all the cakes, in fact we struggled to get out the door, but Annie and the girls ever so kindly bagged them up for us to take home for the Men, including My Grandad, my Dad and the Beard.