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Sum up your blog in three words

August 29, 2014

One my fave bloggers – Kirsty of EffortlesslyExcessive – wrote a blog post asking readers to come up with three words that best describe their blog. I thought it was a fantastic idea. It’s a great way to look at the positives of your blog, maybe see what separates it from others, and if your having a bad-blog day (they do happen) it’s a brilliant way to remind yourself of why you love your blog and why you love blogging in general. For her blog, Kristy chose Light-Hearted, Eclectic and Honest (read why, here). Here are my three words…

Teenage My blog is around 4 years old. In blog years I guess that makes her a teenager. So she’s in that awkward experimental ‘finding herself’ stage, always changing the way she looks and unable to make up her mind about exactly what kind of blog she wants to be. Teenagers eh?

Adventurous At least I hope she is. That’s how I see my blog, and that’s how I want her to grow up, I want her to be one big adventure, told through diary posts,  pictures, rants & reviews. Eventually I want people to visit my blog and be inspired by her, leaving with only one thought, and that thought should be ‘Wow’.

Resourceful I’ve always been a bargain-type girl, and I’m never one to keep quiet about a great offer or deal, I’m all about sharing the love. Which is why I love using my blog to share discount codes with my readers. I also really enjoy writing my ‘Beauty bargain’ posts, sharing all my low-cost fabulous finds within the beauty sector. And then there are my DIY posts. I’m probably at my happiest when I’m getting creative,  whether it’s making my own clothing for less or decorating a home-made gift; I love sharing all my DIY projects and ideas with you guys via my blog.

What would your three words be?

If your gonna be tweeting your answers, make sure to use the hashtag #threewords




  • I think this is a great post and I’m definitely planning to do one myself. Love your creative word picks x

  • Ooooh do let me know once you’ve posted so I can have a read :) x x