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Photo Diary No.56

August 26, 2014

Well, last week sucked. Not only was I ill, but the Beard was over in the US on business, so I was ill AND alone all week in my flat. Aaah, I’m just being dramatic and feeling sorry for myself, it wasn’t too bad. Although I had to take a few days off work to rest it up, so unfortunately I didn’t get many exciting pictures, as I mostly slept, ate bagels, or lay around watching Ice bucket challenges on Facebook…

1) We recently got a toaster, so I’ve got a bit of a thing going on with Bagels. And with Cream Cheese. At the same time. Oh the filth. Nom nom nom.
2) I did head to Bond Street when I was feeling well enough to walk, and saw this adorable coconut water stand. It instantly reminded me of Thailand, which made me feel sad and happy.
3) When the Beard returned from the US I made him Breakfast again. Which is how my obsession upgraded itself from bagels and cream cheese to bagels, cream cheese and bacon *drools*
4) Did you see my post on Coffee Cubes? They are, in a word, AWESOME, if you like Ice Lattes, I’d recommend making some.
5) Being poorly, meant I did my fair share on scrolling through tumblr and re-posting pretty pictures taken by other people.