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BooTea Teatox Vlog

August 6, 2014

You may remember last month I blogged about starting a Teatox with BooTea. Well the two weeks ended last weekend, phew, and what a strange two weeks it was. I did vlog most of it and so above is my little Teatox vlog. I’m no expert vlogger, or camera-pro and I apologise for the poor editing (I don’t know how the full-time vloggers do it) but this is the best I could do, so I hope it’s useful. As I’m new to vlogging, I probably missed out REALLY important information in the video, so I couldn’t help but sit down and write a bit of an overview of my experience doing the BooTea teatox, as I’m a much better blogger than I am a vlogger…


WHY A TEATOX? I mentioned in my original BooTea post that I had put on weight earlier this year and that I wanted to shift some of it. I was hoping to get down to a Size UK 10, which is what I’ve always been up until recently. I also wanted to clear up my skin which in recent months has been ridden with spots and blemishes, no doubt due to my unhealthy lifestyle.

HOW TO TEATOX? I drank a day time BooTea every day, bar the day I Forgot, and a night time BooTea every other night, although I did miss one or two of these also. As I mentioned in my video the tea’s are nice. Well, the daytime is bland and easy, but the night time tea is really tasty, it’s like a lovely peppermint tea.

Despite my ranting about being hungry, and admitting to snacking, I did eat very well over the two weeks and (mostly) stuck to BooTea’s recommended eating plan. For breakfast I would have a bowl of museli or weetabix with honey and skimmed milk. Lunch was either a salmon wrap on wholemeal pitta, or a salad. For dinners I ate vegetable gnocchi, prawn stir fry, or my favorite – Jacket Potato with tzatziki and a side salad. Snacking at work consisted of fruit only (I ate a lot of Bananas’s) or at home I snacked on toast and marmalade or toast with honey, no butter. So that in itself is a drastic change from the baked beans, hash browns, chocolate croissants and twenty billion biscuits I was eating each day beforehand. I also cut out fizzy drinks and caffeine! This was all replaced with Water.


  • I didnt lose a single pound. My weight stayed exactly the same at 9st’11. I guess getting older means working harder to lose weight, but if this experience has taught me anything it’s that I HATE dieting! So why do it? At 28 I’m 6’7 and less than 10st – I’m happy with that.
  • I honestly have no idea what dress size I am, seriously, in one shop (Primark) I’m a 14 dress, then another (New Look) I can squeeze into a size 8 skirt. At this point, I don’t care anymore, I wear the clothes, the clothes don’t wear me, who cares what number is on the label!
  • My skin cleared up dramatically. Even my Sister, who I didn’t see until the end of my Teatox, commented on how good my skin looked. I’m not sure if it was the BooTea or all the water, but this was the biggest gain of the experience.
  • I noticed my nails have grown a lot stronger, probably something to do with all the Bananas!
  • One thing I didn’t mention in the video was how well I slept. Midway in the vlog I do moan and rant about being tired, but overall my sleeping pattern improved a lot. I was able get a good nights sleep and wake up at a decent hour feeling refreshed, as appose to sleeping all day on a weekend because of feeling overtired.I think this was something to do with the night time teas working their magic, as well as the lack of highly caffeinated tea and coffees.

I would advise the 14 day Teatox if you want to flush out all those bad toxins, clear up your skin, gain some energy and change your lifestyle, and you could lose weight, I’ve heard of plenty of others who have lost a few pounds. But if your looking to shift quite a lot of weight I would try something else. There is a 28 day teatox you could try, but I’m not sure teatoxing is the way to lose a drastic amount of weight.

WHAT NOW? I’m glad I did the BooTea Teatox because it opened up my eyes to just how unhealthy my lifestyle was; eating all those sweet and fatty foods, with little or no exercise, combined with all the alcohol, all the caffeine and very little water. Eurgh. I don’t want to go back to that, I want to stick to some of the changes I made throughout my Teatox, such as:

  • Switching to de-caf. Whilst I of course will still enjoy a cup of coffee and tea (I’m northern, I can’t cut it out completely) I want to mostly switch to de-caf to avoid late nights and bad skin
  • Swapping sugar for honey. Gone are the two lumps of sugars in my tea, as is cereal drenched in grains of the sweet stuff, from now on it’s honey or nothing
  • Eating more fruit. Prior to my Teatox I hardly ate fruit, but during the teatox I was eating around two bananas a day and sometimes an apple too. I’ve no doubt that chocolate and biscuits will slip back into my diet, but I don’t need to eat as much, I can eat fruit instead.
  • Drink water. I’ve actually began to enjoy drinking water, something I hated before because it has no no flavour. But after seeing and feeling the benefits, and especially with the hot summer we are having, theres nothing I like more at the moment than an ice cold glass of water

There are other changes I want to make to my lifestyle too, such as taking up Yoga, and exercising more, but I’ll leave that for another post. I hope my BooTea overview & vlog was helpful.For more information on BooTea Click here.


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