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Naked Juices – Worth a Cleanse?

August 4, 2014

Last week I enjoyed a variety of PepsiCo’s Naked Juices. They are quite expensive at £2.50 a pop, but whilst on my teatox I thought I’d try them out. Selecting Mango Machine to try out first, I was surprised at just how much fruit was in it:

  • 1 & 1/3 Mangos
  • 2 & 1/3 Apples
  • 2/3 of an Orange
  • 2/3 of a Banana

Surely that’s all of my five fruits for the day? The juice tasted amazing and left me feeling quite full, I no longer craved naughty snacks. The next day, I tested out Blue Machine which contained blueberries, blackberries, apples and more. Again, super tasty and very filling. I tried a Green Machine the following day, which doesn’t look as appetising but again it was full of goodness mixing Kiwi’s, apples, Bananas, mango and even a slice of pineapple.

photo 3

I started to wonder if purchasing a bunch of Naked Juices for a three day cleanse would be cheaper and more beneficial than buying a juice cleanse package.

I was raving about these Naked Juices on my Instagram and Twitter feeds, and a quick nose around I noticed quite a few other people were posing this question but didn’t know if it would work? Juice cleanses are the rage right now, but can be quite expensive. Some companies charge over £150 for a three day juice cleanse; fair enough they are delivered to your door, but that’s an extortionate price.

The cheaper option is a DIY juice cleanse, like LoveJenuine did, just purchase your own juicer and ingredients and do it yourself (read about her experience via this link). But buying a Juicer can be pricey too.

I worked out that drinking around 5 Naked Juices a day would cost you £12.50, over the course of three days that’s a total of £37.50, therefore the cheapest option. Was it possible? A Juice cleanse for less than £40?


According to Naked’s packaging these little bottles contained a lot of goodness, but I wanted to do some further research to be sure, as unfortunately I’m not quite accustomed to understanding those nutrition & ingredient labels.

I was shocked to find out that Naked labels used to read ‘All Natural Juices’ but in 2013 were forced to change this as it became public knowledge this was not the case. The bottles now read ‘A blend of 4 juices and purees with vitamins and zinc’ with a message below stating NO ADDED SUGAR* then below that *Contains naturally occurring sugars in juices and purees. Well surely that’s all fine and dandy as fruit contains natural sugars right? And me being me assumed puree just meant liquidized fruit – duh, it’s juice! Yet according to, puree is often code word for sugar! And it looks like in this case it is according to the lawsuit demanding ‘All Natural’ be dropped from the label.

Fooducate also noticed the ingredient Inulin is found in Naked Juices. What is Inulin? It’s basically a fibre found in chicory root (yes, chicory root!) It’s popular with food and drink manufacturers because it mixes well with other ingredients and is slightly sweeter than the usual fibres you find in food like wheat. This means Inulin can easily be added onto a snack that would normally completely lack fibre, which this does. Although that’s very nice of them to add in this fibre, Thanks Naked, unfortunately it does come with an odd side effect – flatulence. Yup, inulin makes you fart! It’s not a very nice side effect, and if you drank A LOT of naked juices, say, I don’t know, for a, erm, JUICE CLEANSE, I imagine you’d probably find yourself in quite an uncomfortable way. Read more about the Fart Fibre here .

Although we benefit from fibre in our diets, as a consumer, I feel like PepsiCo added in this ingredient just so they could tag it as a ‘high in fibre’ product, one juice does contain 5 grams of fibre, thats 20% of the daily recommended intake, but it wasn’t a natural ingredient of the juices.

Regardless of how much I’m ranting on about the sugar and fart fibre, Naked Juices do still contain a lot of vitamins (mainly A & C), as well as surprise veg, such as broccoli and spinach, and apparently have very little, if any, grams of fat. and of course they are 100 times better for you than a fizzy caffeinated drink and they will help you achieve a percentage of your recommended daily intake. But for a juice cleanse? No way. If your looking to do a Juice Cleanse but can’t afford a professional package, I’d recommend buying or borrowing a Juicer and following a book, app or trusted site or blogger, like LoveJenuine. For now just enjoy Naked Juices as a tasty fruity snacks or drink, but don’t be swapping them for meals.

How do you feel about juice cleanses? Ever tried one?

Are you a fan of Naked Juices? My favourite flavor is definitely the Mango one! Yours?

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Are Pepsico Naked Juices safe for a detoxing juice cleanse


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