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Was I Robbed by Bank ?

August 1, 2014

Don’t you hate it when your bank charge you money for nothing? Or when they won’t communicate with you and you just cannot get through to them? Well that has been the story of my week, except rather than my actual Bank, it’s been Bank Fashion; a brand I’ve often bought from in store, but never online. Maybe the website is new, hence the errors, i don’t know. I’m not one to go around slating a brand, it’s not my style, but I’m so disappointed with the customer service and the ignorance of Bank Fashion. I will be telling the truth, which isn’t all bad, I love what they offer, and I’ll be attaching links to all the clothes I bought just in case you do want to purchase, you may have a better experience than me, and I hope you do. But as a lifestyle blogger, which sometimes involves Fashion blogging, I feel it is my duty to explain in full, my disappointment in my first online shopping experience with


I was a supporter of ASOS from the early days, 2002 I think I found them, I was only 16, but they’re just not as bargainous as they used to be. But Bank Fashion on the other hand, they initially really impressed me last week when I hopped onto to have a gander. I’ve picked up things in their stores and never had any complaints, and I was pleased to see all the goods online were just as affordable and beautiful. And they happened to have a great sale on. Payday came around last Thursday and I already had five of their sale items plonked in my shopping basket, ready to go. Most important was the Kimono, I’ve been hunting down the right one for weeks, and this was it, I had found it, and a bargain at just £15…

Bank Fashion

1) Pink Soda Floral Kimono £15 // 2) Airblush Floral Shift dress £10 // 3) Floral Crop Top £5 4) Pepsi Crop Top £5 (no longer a link available) // 5) Ribbon Daisy Playsuit £15


In total I spent £50 on clothing. I was going out the following night, Friday, and wanted the Playsuit to wear, so I splashed out £5.99 for Next Day Delivery (it was payday after all). I remember specifically entering my work address into the delivery details as I wouldn’t be at home to sign for it. I remember entering those London delivery details as clear as day. So you can imagine my frustration when my Mum called me the next day at 3pm to say a parcel had been delivered to her house in Liverpool. Somehow my billing address had defaulted on as my delivery address. I was gutted I wouldn’t be receiving my playsuit for playtime. I still wanted the clothes for the Saturday, I had plans, I could at least wear them then. I asked my Sister to resend the parcel to me by recorded delivery and I would transfer her the money. I could have picked them up on my next visit, but that’s not for another month. The recorded delivery cost £13! I didn’t expect it to be that much. I tweeted the Bank Fashion customer services (@BANKfashionhelp) and received no response. No tweet. No direct message.

Due to my flat buzzer being broken, I actually missed the second delivery, and my Bank parcel was sent off to a Post Office Depot which is a 40 minute walk from my house. This part actually has nothing to do with Bank Fashion (although had they got the delivery address correct in the first place this wouldn’t have happened). Due to the Depot hours (7am – 1pm), and my working hours, I couldn’t go and pick up the package untill Wednesday, six days after I made the order.


Finally, at home, after my 80 minute walk to the Depot and back, I excitedly opened my parcel, I’d almost forgotten everything else that I ordered, I just wanted to see the Kimono, I’d spent all day mentally styling the Kimono with other items of my wardrobe! I ripped open the packaging and saw the Pepsi top, the gorgeous floral playsuit, the cute little crop top, the collared dress, eventually I saw the pattern of the Kimono. It was in a plastic bag with a sticker on it saying ‘Pink Soda Floral Kimono’ yet when I opened it up, it was a skirt. It obviously matched my Kimono, but it wasn’t my Kimono. Just a skirt. I was gutted not to be sliding my arms into it and gushing over it in the mirror. Darn you Bank Fashion! I went online to check my order to see if I had accidentally ordered the wrong thing, yet not only is there no record of my order (apparently this section is ‘Coming Soon’) but I can’t even find the skirt on the website, and I don’t ever remember seeing it. An order confirmation email confirmed that I had in fact ordered the Kinono NOT the skirt. I immediately tweeted @BANKfashionhelp but alas, no response, once again.

Wrong delivery address and now this? I decided to contact them directly; I called their customer care number 0843 178 0777 which I found on their website. But all I got was an automated voice saying ‘Thanks for calling JD Sports. This number is no longer in use’ What the actual firetruck?? Why put up a number up that doesn’t work. I instead decided to email them, which I did Wednesday at 7.30pm, it is now Friday afternoon and I’ve heard nothing.

torn dress


The final straw came this morning when I put on the floral collared dress only to find a huge rip in the back, right on my bottom, displaying my navy blue polka dot knickers. Oh how lovely. I was furious. I’d spent £56 on this order (£69 if you include the redelivery) to essentially end up with two crops tops and a playsuit. No Kimono and now no dress. This dress isn’t too small or tight on me, in fact around the waist its quite baggy.


I shop online a lot so I understand online shopping can often lead to deliveries going wrong, incorrect orders and that often your paying less for clothes that aren’t as well made, but I’m just upset and disappointed with the lack of response or care by Bank for their customers. I may have only just tried out their website but I’ve been a bank customer for years. To unanswer my queries when I’ve clearly paid for something that I have not received. I won’t be rushing back to anytime soon, as I don’t want to risk further problems and loss, which I’m genuinely sad about as they have so much to offer and such lovely clothing.


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