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Video • Analysing my happiness

July 23, 2014

Last week I completed the #100happydays challenge which you may remember me blogging about back in April (read here). Technically, I failed the challenge as according to the rules your supposed to upload a picture every day to a social media site, failing that means failing to be happy. Well the two days I missed (Day 83 and 85, I think) were literally because I was too busy with friends having fun. Both nights I was in the pub catching up with mates. It was only the next day I remembered it had slipped my mind to upload a happy day photo. For that I refuse to accept that I failed the challenge, not when I achieved so much happiness throughout my 100 days…

The main reason I wanted to do this challenge was because back in early April I was still adjusting to life back in England and I suppose still suffering a little post-travel blues. Looking at the negatives I was jobless, homeless and quite bored. I wanted to turn those negatives into positives. And my goodness I did. It’s crazy how quickly 100 days can go by, yet how much you can do in them. Jobless? Nope, not anymore, I’m back working in Media. Homeless? I think not, The Beard and I moved into our own place that we love. Bored? Hell to the No, I’ve been blogging loads, I began writing again, I’ve been shortlisted for a Cosmo Blog Award, I booked a holiday to Las Vegas, I attended festivals, markets, caught up with old friends, enjoyed the sunshine, it’s been an amazing 100 days. Even on the days that were a struggle or problematic, I always found something to cheer myself up and make me happy even if it was just a chocolate bar (yup, food again).

I decided to put together a little video of my 100 happy days project, and whilst doing it I ended up sort of analysing my happiness. My friends and family clearly make me the happiest, they took first place appearing in 28% of the photos, whilst food, yes FOOD, came a very close second place with 26% of my photos being snacks, meals and tasty drinks! It’s no wonder I’ve put on weight this year, I LOVE my food, what can I say? I was relieved to see alcohol only made me happy for 7% of my 100 happy days, whilst a lovely 17% of my photos was beautiful views and sunsets (I do love a good sunset!). Only 8% was made up of materialistic things like new shoes, presents and bloggermail (phew!) and the other 14% was completely random miscellaneous things that made me happy such as lying down and watching Breaking Bad.

The challenge was definitely a success and I encourage all to do it. But don’t just make it about the photos, push out the negative and let in the positive and be as Happy as you can. I hope you enjoyed the video, I especially hope it made you smile (but no doubt it just made you hungry right?)

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