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Boo Tea

July 19, 2014

On Monday The Beard and I began a bit of a detox in preparation for a teatox. I’d seen so many people I follow tweeting pics of BooTea and I thought, why not give it a go? Have you heard of BooTea? For a two week teatox you pay Β£19.99, which didn’t sound too bad when you compare it to the juice cleanses that can cost upto Β£150!

I piled on the weight earlier this year going from a very slender 10 to a more curvy 12/14. I would love to lose a little bit of that weight, however, the other reason for choosing BooTea is because a friend told me it can really clear up your skin. I’ve never struggled with really spotty skin but in the past few months I’ve constantly been breaking out around my chin and mouth.

BooTea consists of two parts, a daytime tea that you drink each morning, and a night time tea that you drink every other night. The daytime tea supposedly speeds up your metabolism, whilst the night time tea apparently helps flush out all the bad toxins (it basically has a laxative in it, a little scary I know).

Whilst you can do the teatox along side your normal diet, BooTea do strongly recommend a calorie restricted diet for best results, and their website provides a food plan for you to follow. We decided to not only follow this food plan – so that we can get the most out of our teatox – but to start it five days before the teatox so that we could get a head start and get our bodies used to healthy eating.


The detox started off a real struggle for me, the girl who usually starts her day with a latte, hash browns with beans followed by a croissant, then snacks on chocolate all day and eats hobnobs all evening. Me and The Beard are also guilty of ordering too many takeaways. This was all exchanged for fruit, weetabix, fish, salads and whole meal bread. No meat. But for me the main struggle has been depriving myself of chocolate and biscuits, if I want something sweet I eat toast with marmalade or a little honey. It’s nice but it’s just not the same.

Healthy food

Despite the snacking struggle, so far so good, The Beard has cooked up some AMAZING healthy dishes that I could eat every day, and just four days into our healthy eating, I could see a difference in both mine and The Beards lifestyle (I’ll blog about that separately). So Next up was the BooTea teatox which I began yesterday and The Beard began today. I was going to write a BooTea diary but have instead decided to do a Boo Tea vlog. Eeek. I’m incredibly nervous as I still don’t feel confident talking to the camera, but I’m going to give it a bash.

The BooTea teatox is 14 days so make sure to check back in two weeks for a video about my Boo Tea experience.

Has anyone else tried BooTea? Did you see good results?? I’d love to find out about other peoples experiences.

x Toodle Pips x


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