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Ready for Round Two • BLFW

July 18, 2014

You may remember back in March I attended the first ever Fashion Week exclusively for Bloggers, organised by company Bloggers Love. The event was simply called Bloggers Love Fashion Week (#BLFW) and was a mix of sample sales, beauty demonstrations and a catwalk show with a bloggers twist. It was a great evening; I got chauffeured to the event courtesy of Uber, I met some lovely designers, purchased myself a treat, enjoyed an amazing catwalk show, and I may have gobbled down a delicious cake (… or two).

Hopefully I can expect all this again and more, as I’ve been invited to the second Bloggers Love Fashion Week which takes place in early September (can I get a ‘woop woop’?) There is a special BLFW pre-party in late August too that I am really looking forward to. I’ve invited my Sister as my +1 to this round of BLFW, especially as she is officially a blogger now- check her out over at


I mentioned that last time I felt very shy about approaching others. I was dealing with a little bit of anxiety at the time, and felt quite self-conscious. Whilst I was fine talking to the designers, I was very nervous about engaging with other bloggers. It seemed most had come in pairs or groups, but I didn’t really recognise or know many bloggers at that point so I kept to myself. Whilst it was a really fun evening, I do regret not getting a little more involved and talking with fellow bloggers. However this time will be different. I’m much more confident now, about myself and my blog, and having my sister there will be great, we tend to bring out really fun and bubbly sides of each other, so I can’t wait for the pair of us to hit up BLFW together. And if you see me, come say Hi, I want to meet you!

Bloggers Love recently released a list, a line-up if you will, of the brands that we’ll get to see at BLFW, including big names like GHD, Fiorelli and Debenhams, to smaller brands such as Tinkilove and Didi’s Boutique. I’m very excited about Tinkilove, they look amazing. And I definitely want to pay more attention to the beauty brands this time.

Are you headed to BLFW? Did you attend the last one?
Oh my goodness, what are you going to wear?? Eeeek!

If you’d like to attend any future Bloggers Love events, head over to to find out more information. And why not watch my BLFW vlog below and see if it’s your cup of tea (most likely YES).


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