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Photo Diary No.51

July 14, 2014

What a week! The last seven days have pretty much been consumed by the brilliant news I received last Monday, that All About Tink has been shortlisted for a Cosmo Blog Award under β€˜Best Lifestyle Blog’ *Jaw drops to the floor* Yup, I’m still in shock. It won’t sink in.

I won’t babble on about it too much as I’m pretty sure EVERYONE is getting sick of me going on about it. But I will of course unashamedly do another plea for votes…

SO – if you like reading this blog as much as I love writing it, then CLICK HERE to be taken to the voting page, scroll down and keep clicking Next until you get to β€˜Best Lifestyle Blog’, make sure to select All About Tink, then continue clicking Next until you get to the end page where you enter your details and press Submit. The whole thing takes less than 60 seconds. THANKS SO MUCH YOU OH-SO-LOVELY READERS.

Bar celebrating and reading Cosmopolitan magazine (obviously!) this week I did a new DIY post all about Image Transferring using a blender pen. I ordered one online and it arrived on Wednesday, since which I have spent a lot of time transferring quite a lot of photos. To read the post click here.

Not much else to update on; bar the big news, it was a rather quiet week, with a rather tame weekend mostly spent on YouTube. Although I did start watching Orange is the New Black? Anyone else hooked on it?

x Toodle Pips x