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DIY • Image Transferring (Easy, Fun & Instant)

July 13, 2014

blender pen 7.jpg blender pen 14.jpg

Last week I discovered blender pens and so I’ve spent the past few days on a Blender Bender. A blender pen is just like a felt tip pen, but it lets you transfer an image onto pretty much anything – paper, wood, ceramic and even tin! I found myself purchasing one after I read a post about image transferring on the Free People Blog (which is awesome) and I instantly felt inspired to do my own. It’s fun, easy with instant results, so I thought I’d share with you guys how to do it…

Here is what you will need:

A Blender Pen (buy here)
Access to a Photocopier

The first thing you need to do is photocopy the photos you want to transfer, unfortunately it doesn’t work if you just print off pictures direct from your computer, it’s needs to be a photocopy – I know, a tad annoying, but easy enough.

I selected a bunch of photos from my Instagram account, and travel photos from my phone, and had them printed for free using my freeprints app (read my freeprints post HERE to get photos printed for free, including free p&p). I then photocopied a few of the photographs at work (hush hush).

blender pen 2.jpg

Take the selected photocopied image and cut it out in the shape you want; you could either do the full image or cut around the main subject in the photo. Then put the cut out face down onto your piece of paper – or whatever it is your transferring onto – and hold it in place. You may wish to use a paper weight or sellotape to keep it in place.

blender pen 15.jpg blender pen 13.jpg

Next, it’s blending time. It might be best having a practice run in a notebook or on some scrap paper like I did (above). Take the blender pen and begin to colour in the back of the image. It helps to colour a section at a time and go over it quite a lot. As soon as you start to colour you will see the image begin to appear, it’s pretty cool actually. If your planning to do a lot of image transferring you may want to purchase a few blender pens as mine is running out already.

how to use blender pen .jpg

Once you’ve coloured in the whole image, peel it away and you shall find the image has transferred onto your chosen surface – it will be mirrored of course – but it will have a beautiful old fashioned effect. It looks really stunning, almost like it has a vintage filter on it.

blender pen 8.jpg blender pen 9.jpg blender pen 12.jpg

This project is a great idea for Birthday Cards, home decor, even for Wedding invitations. Or it could just be a little bit of fun in your journal, or something to add to the Memory wall, like I did. Whatever your thing is, I hope you enjoyed this DIY post and if you have any questions please leave them in the comments section below.

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