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New Year Resolutions • The Big Update [2014]

July 10, 2014

I’ve never done a post like this before, but as we are over half way through the year of 2014 I thought I would do a little update on my New Year Resolutions. Has anyone else ever done this? Updated on their progress? I feel as though we all make these positive resolutions in January, yet by mid-February they’ve fallen by the wayside. This year I really wanted to meet all three of mine, but I didn’t expect the madness of the year I’ve had …

My circumstances were completely different back in January, I was a backpacker, working in a bar and living in a hostel on the other side of the world, Melbourne Australia to be specific. The Beard was with me of course; we spent most of our days baking in the sweltering heat, and our evenings were for either working, or drinking boxed wine with our fellow travelers. Jump forward to present day, and here I am living in London, working in TV again, settling into the studio flat The Beard and I rent and already planning more international trips. A BIG change! So let’s see how those New Year resolutions have worked out or if they even still apply:

sister[top right: source]

Communicate with my Family More Expecting to be away from the UK for another year or so, I made a resolution to communicate with my Family more via skype, whatsapp and text. But less than a month later I was already booking my flight home – I missed my family so much, especially having Christmas away from them for the second year running, so I decided to move back to England. There were many other reasons that both The Beard and I cut our trip short – lack of money and jobs – but a big fat reason for me was how much I missed my Sister, who had given birth to and her Son and I was yet to meet him. In late February we flew from Australia to London, and there they were at the airport waiting for us, along with my other Sister! Since moving back to England and meeting little Harry I’ve spent hours playing with him, feeding him, cradling him, throwing him in the air, making him laugh (feeding him cake). It’s been wonderful. It’s been great seeing all my family; sometimes you don’t realise just how much you love them and need them until you are so so so so far away from them. I’ve got some lovely family plans for the rest of the year too, and trips up north planned, so I think this New Year Resolution can be given an A+

AUSTR[left: source]

Return to Asia Oh. I forgot about this one. I made a resolution to get my butt back over to Asia didn’t I? Sigh. Well, never say never, but I really cannot see this trip happening. Nope. The original reason for this plan was because it’s so cheap to fly Australia to Asia via companies like AirAsia, that it made total sense to fly over for a few weeks (it would have actually been cheaper than the cost of staying put and living in Aus). But not only am I now not on that side of the world, but coming back and reflecting on that whole experience, The Beard and I have realised we want to continue exploring new places and other dream destinations. I don’t doubt that we will one day return to Asia, but we’re already planning new trips. We discussed the possibility of saving up for a mega trip to South America, then it changed to the USA, then we decided to backpack around Europe instead. Eventually we realised, to be backpackers and travellers, we don’t need to uproot our lives and do these big long trips for months at a time, we can work, have our life here and still do various trips throughout each year. So this is the new plan – part time backpackers. We are (hopefully) headed to Ireland in September to visit friends, and we just booked a dream holiday to Vegas for October (which will hopefully involve LA too). We were hoping to squeeze Amsterdam in somewhere before Christmas, but it all comes down to the funds – we’ll see. So ultimately this resolution is a fail, but a good fail.

diypics[top: source]

Be More Creative (DIY) Now this I can get excited about. I feel like since coming back to England I have definitely found my creative self again. I fell in-love with blogging all over again, I revamped the layout, I’ve been getting my photography on and have had my camera out a lot, and I’ve even been getting my ‘Creative Housewife’ on, looking for cheap and fun ways to decorate the flat. In terms of DIY posts, I think I’ve only posted a few, which you can check out HERE, but I have another up this week, plus some DIY Vlogs in progress, AND I even started a food section on my blog. I certainly feel more creative and I have been working really hard on my blog, and I hope that is reflected in the content. I found out this week I’ve been shortlisted for ‘Best Lifestyle Blog’ for the Cosmo Blog Awards (feel free to vote here, hint hint) and that in itself felt like a pat on the back. Yet, I still want to raise the bar and get even more messy in creativity, so I think the next five and a half months of 2014 will be seeing what else I can do in terms of DIY projects, creativity and imaginative ideas. But overall another resolution to tick off I think.

So two outta three ain’t bad right?
How are you doing with your New Year’s Resolutions?
What where they? I’d genuinely love to know, and to find out how you are doing with them?
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