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My Road Trip Playlist

July 8, 2014

I’m not the sharpest tool in the music box when it comes band names or knowledge of the industry, but I thought I’d mix a little music into my travel post this week. The Beard and I have just booked a trip to Vegas for later in the year and we are hoping to do a mini road trip to L.A. as well as drive to the Grand Canyon whilst we are there. I’ve always wanted to travel America by road, so I’m ridiculously excited about this. Last year we took a road trip whilst in Australia, and it was AMAZING (no, seriously, it was epic!) however we were completely unprepared when it came to road trip tunes, making do with the same tracks we had already been listening to on our iPods for the past eight months of our travels.

For Vegas, I want to be more prepared, and in doing so I have created this list of songs that I call my ‘Top Ten Feel-Good Summer Road Trip Hits’  (too long?) available to download on iTunes NOW … Pfft. I wish … Anyways, check out my playlist below. I’ve picked songs that make me happy and think about Sunshine, the open road and good times. Let me know if you agree, or if you think you can come up with a better list! I’d love to see what would be on your road trip playlist.

Born to Run / Bruce Springsteen “Baby, we were born to run”, lyrics I feel I’ve only really paid attention to in recent years, I don’t necessarily want to runaway, but just run. This song certainly brings out happy feelings and with American Hero Bruce Springsteen on vocals, I can’t help but paint a picture in my mind of an American highway as I sing along.

Free Fallin’ / Tom Petty Last year I watched Jerry Maguire for the first time, and I loved the scene where he is driving back, happy as Larry after keeping the best sportsman on his books; he is looking for something to sing along to on the radio, flicking through, when Tom Petty’s Free Fallin’ comes on. He starts singing along loudly as he drums on the wheel and drives home -it’s just a great scene. From that moment I knew I wanted to be on a road, driving along to that song. A few weeks later The Beard and I were renting a campervan, driving down the Australia East coast and one of the first songs I made him play was this.

Go Your Own Way / Fleetwood Mac Despite the song being about breaking up and going your separate ways, I find it to be quite a positive and feel-good song, perfect for a road trip. The lyrics even say “Everything’s waiting for you” and it is! For me this song is about choosing to get in that car, drive down a whole new road and never looking back or regretting it.

California / Phantom Planet Whilst most will remember this tune as the theme track to The O.C. I remember this song for different reasons, I remember listening to California as a girl in my late teens, who had just completed Performing Arts college, with no clue what she wanted to do next. Despite having no musical talent or skills whatsoever, I would watch the video to this song and dream of touring America as a part of a band.

I Get around / Beach Boys How can you not love this song? I Get Around is on the list purely because it just makes me feel happy and giddy and is a good track to have playing in your car.

Heroes / David Bowie I listened to this song a lot when I went travelling. It’s such a powerful song and it always makes me happy and as if I can do or achieve anything! Whatever sort of bad mood I’m in, if I put this song on, it never fails to lift me out of it.

Len / Steal my Sunshine Another song that just makes me feel all happy inside. I hear this and I think of long roads and sunshine; pop this on during the trip and you’re all bound to end up singing along.

Save Tonight / Eagle Eye Cherry When we were kids my Sister loved this song, so it always reminds me of her, and how we would sing along to it when it came on the radio in my parents car. She knew all the words! Which is why now, for me personally, this a road trip must.

One / Yeasyer Just because I love this song. Every road trip needs some psychedelic pop to bop along too right?

[The Beards Choice] Freebird / Lynd Skynrd This is an amazing track, and I completely appreciate the feel of it and see why he picked it; it’s certainly a song I can see myself driving on the open road to.

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