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Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2014 • I’ve been Shortlisted!!

July 7, 2014

Let me tell you beautiful, lovely, amazing readers about my wonderful day. I logged onto my blogs dashboard this morning to publish my Photo Diary when I noticed an usually high number of hits for allabouttink (certainly an usual number for 10am). Hmm, that’s odd? I thought, thinking maybe my Primark Purchases had encouraged some new readers to wander over, or possibly a few of you enjoyed my recent Nair Review. Keen to find out, I looked over to the referrers section to see that the hits had mainly come from My heart skipped a beat! I clicked the link to be taken to the Cosmo 2014 Blog Awards Shortlist Page! Could it be? I scrolled down and there under the shortlist for ‘Best Lifestyle Blog’ along with 11 other fantastic bloggers, was ‘All About Tink’.

It may sound dramatic but I felt like I’d just found out I was up for Best Actress at the Oscars! I actually started shaking. I even wanted to cry (had I not been at my desk in a busy office I’m sure I would have). This is such a huge and amazing thing for me and you have no idea how grateful I am to every single reader of AllAboutTink and everyone family member and friend who nominated for me. I remember writing that post and writing ‘you’ve gotta be in it to win it’ but never expecting to actually be short listed. It was a dream, but thank you to all of you for making it a reality, and especially to Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Once again, I in no way expect to win it (I’m up against some seriously talented bloggers) but I’m going to try dam hard by delivering the best content I can. Not just for myself and for AllAboutTink, but most of all for you lovely readers. The decision is 50% panel vote and 50% YOUR VOTE, so you can help me too…

To vote click the button below. Once on the shortlist page scroll down and there are lists for each category. When you click along to ‘Best Lifestyle Blog’ select my blog (All About Tink), it’s the first on the list. Don’t forget to click along through the other categories, fill in your name and finally hit submit, or your vote won’t count!


Not to turn this post into a oscar speech or anything, but seriously Thank You so much to everyone who nominated me and to all who read this blog, and a BIG GIANT THANK YOU to Cosmopolitan magazine. This is my number one hobbie, and my absolute passion and you’ve made this chic one super-duper happy blogger.