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Go Bare with Nair • National Bikini Day 2014

July 4, 2014

Tomorrow is National Bikini Day. Yup, on July 5th the nation celebrates the wonderful two piece swimwear that Louis Reard created back in 1946. God Bless the Bikini; beach wear that allows us to tan our tum, frolic in the sea comfortably, and of course show off our individual summer style.

Since the weather tomorrow is forecast to be a bit bipolar across the UK (rain, sun, rain, cloud, pfft, make up your mind), I say let’s go off-record and celebrate it as National Bikini Weekend. Today is beautiful here in London (I’m off to Wireless this afternoon, perfect!) and Sunday is forecast for Sunshine too, so let’s just make it a three day event, and then it gives everyone across the UK a chance to, at some point, don their bikini and frolic in the sun.

To help celebrate National Bikini day weekend, and to encourage me to proudly put one on, I was very kindly sent some Nair Bikini Brush-On*. Firstly, I would like to point out, when it comes to sorting out that area, DIY waxing of any kind terrifies me; I think putting hot wax on your body and then ripping it off should maybe be left to the professionals, right? I’ve used Veet quite a lot but it’s not that quick and easy and can get a bit messy. So when this Bikini Brush-On arrived on my doorstep, from hair removal experts Nair, and described as ‘Quick & Easy’ it was as if the Bikini Gods had answered my prayers. And it didn’t disappoint.



It’s Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy, the lid to this bottle unscrews and is an applicator brush (looks a bit like a glue brush from when you were a kid), you simply apply to your bikini area – I advise applying quite a thick layer – and leave for around six minutes. Once your time is up, just pop in the shower and rinse the area down with lukewarm water. I recommend getting a wet flannel or towel to do this, to make sure all the hair is wiped off, its easier and absolutely pain-free. And voila! Your hair-free and Nair-happy.

This is definitely a pre-holiday must for you all holiday-goers, and surely a post-working week essential for anyone hitting a beach at the weekend (or single ladies headed out on a Friday night!) Once your ‘Nair Job’ is complete, all that is left to do is put on your your bikini, pop on the sunglasses and soak up the sun as you celebrate National Bikini Weekend (weather permitted, obvs).

The Need to Knows:

  • This Nair product is clinically & dermatologically tested
  • RRP £5.99
  • Available from Boots, Superdrug & Asda
  • Best to do a tiny patch test 24 hours before

Have you guys tried this product before? Or have you tried any of Nair’s home waxing kits? Will you be celebrating National Bikini Day Weekend?? Let me know guys.