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Backpacker & Travel Websites & Apps

July 1, 2014

Inspired by question no.8 of yesterdayโ€™s Wanderlust tag (What are your favourite travel websites?) I thought for this weekโ€™s Backpacker Life post Iโ€™d throw together a list of my fave travel sites and apps.
The clue is in the name. Apart from when I flew with AirAsia โ€“ who are super duper cheap by the way if youโ€™re going to be flying around that part of the world โ€“ I foundย all my flights via Cheapflights. Using this site I was able to get my flight home from Australia for just ยฃ450, and not forgetting my flight from London to Beijing, followed a week later by Beijing to Thailand, all for just ยฃ500.

Hostelworld App This easy-to-use app is great for booking ahead. The app lets you read reviews, see pictures, and then book your chosen hostel. App users get a 10% discount on the accommodation rates, plus Hostelworld only take a 10% deposit too, so youโ€™re not paying an extortionate amount of money upfront. And if you change your mind last minute, at least you havenโ€™t lost too much dosh. You can also use the app to rate and review a hostel. Even if you and your partner just fancy a one night stay somewhere with a bit of class or luxury, Laterooms is the site to use. The Beard and I needed to a place to stay in London between moving flats and found a really nice room that should have been ยฃ70, but we got it for ยฃ30 between us.

XE Currency App Iโ€™m shocking with Maths and numbers, so this little Currency calculator was my best friend abroad, especially in Laos and Vietnam where the money comes in millions! Just add the countries youโ€™re going to and anytime you need to convert your local curreny into pounds (or vice versa), just type it into the calculator and it will bring up the conversions below. Simples. Unsure about that hostel? Want to research a specific restaurant? TripAdvisor is my no.1 site to go to if I want to read honest reviews and get a good idea about where Iโ€™m headed and what Iโ€™m in for. With interactive travel forumns, Trip Advisor is also great for leaving your own reviews of places as you travel. Whether youโ€™re bored and just fancy some reading material, or your searching for travel inspo, or maybe you just like looking at weird and wonderful things, then is for you. While away time and get inspired, as you immerse yourself in other worlds and cultures.

FlightAware App or (One for the Parents) If youโ€™re going travelling without your folks for the first time, help them worry less by making them aware of flightaware โ€“ it tracks flights to see if they have landed on time or are delayed (because no doubt you will forget to give them three rings). You donโ€™t even need the flight number to use this app, just the origin and destination.

1SE App Create your own epic montage of your travels (or just everyday life) by using this app to film one second everyday. To read my full review of this app and to find out how to use it click here, or watch my 1SE montage below.