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Saturday Brunch at Mezzoroma • London

June 28, 2014


Despite the pouring rain in London this morning, The Beard and I decided to head out for brunch (or whatever you call a 1pm Breakfast). Unlike a lot of glamorous London bloggers I follow, I don’t live anywhere cool like Shoreditch, nor anywhere swanky like Chelsea. The Beard and I live in a little studio flat in Willesden Green. Never heard of it? Willy G, as I like to call it, is in North West London, neighbouring Kilburn and West Hampstead. It’s no Notting Hill, but I love it. It’s zone 2, cheap, great transport links, and is full of bargain shops and some absolutely amazing places for food, such as Sushi-Say – which my Japanese friends claim is the best Sushi outside of Japan – and Mezzoroma, which is where we dined this afternoon.

Cafe by day and restaurant by night, Mezzoroma specialises in Mediterranean cuisine – which I’m yet to try – but also does a killer all-day breakfast menu, which I’ve indulged in a fair few times. However, this was the first time we had eaten at Mezzo since before we went backpacking, and it didn’t disappoint.

Despite the downpour we chose a table at the front, which is all open. The beard ordered the full breakfast (2 eggs, 2 bacon, 1 sausage, 2 hashbrowns, beans and mushrooms). And I had the scrambled egg special, which is like the full breakfast minus the hash browns, and of course eggs scrambled, duh! Mine was £5.95 and The Beards £6.50; both come with the option of tea or coffee, and toast, which I think is brill. I chose tea and The Beard had a latte. I also ordered a Fresh Orange juice that was ridiculously fresh, it was like biting into a juicy orange. Easily the freshest OJ I’ve ever had.

Both breakfasts were amazing, although I couldn’t finish my scrambled eggs as they tasted strangely sweet. Under normal circumstances I think I may have enjoyed, but I had doused them in ketchup and it didn’t mix well. I did very much enjoy the bacon and sausage though, cooked to perfection, super-duper tasty. I think next time I would go for the Full breakfast so that I could munch on some hash browns too. And that was one damn good cuppa!

The total bill was £15.40, which I find really cheap for two giant satisfying breakfasts with two hot drinks plus the Freshly squeezed OJ. If your ever in the Willy G area and are looking for a crackin’ breaky or fancy some Mediterranean food, pop along to 66 Walm lane. The service is lovely and it’s a nice relaxing atmosphere. It’s about a 1 minute walk from the tube station.