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60,000 Thank You’s

June 26, 2014

I’m soooooooooooo happy guys! Today I noticed that my blog has hit more than 60,000 views. Yippee! Whilst I do look at my Stats – mainly to see how you guys are finding my blog and what posts you all love the most – I’ve never paid much attention to my Total Pageviews. But today it caught my eye as I noticed it said 60,137 pageviews!! For me this a wonderful achievement, especially as this time last year my blog was two years old and had a total of 20,000 views (so my stats tell me). To think that my blog has been read, scanned or even just blinked at, a further 40,000 times in such a short space of time, is amazing. Okay lets say 30,000, because no doubt 10,000 of that is my own doing; I’ve spent many a nights frantically re-reading my own posts (and giggling at my own puns, tee hee).

This is still a very very very small blog, but written by a girl with a very very big imagination, and I hope that’s reflected on this little webspace I call my own. Thanks to EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has taken the time to even just glimpse at my blog. Here’s to 100,000 *crosses fingers*