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FEMFRESH • The No.1 Female Festival Essential

June 24, 2014

The festival season is in full swing with the biggest one of the year kicking off today – Glasto! I love Glastonbury, it’s my absolute favourite festival and I’m envious of all you folks with a ticket *crosses arms and sulks* BUT, Ladies – yes this post is for you Ladies – as jealous as I am, I thought I would share with you a little tip; my festival essential of 2014 – Femfresh*

Spending five days at a festival means camping without your normal daily showers (unless your Glamping, in which case shame on you). Whilst wet wipes are needed for underarm washing and ‘patt-down’ showers, Girls, you still need to wash your bits!

I’m hoping by now that we have all the learnt the important lesson that your, er, lady bits, have a different PH to the rest of your body. As FemFresh put it, you wouldn’t use foot cream on your hair, would you? Well the same goes for down there, it needs expert care. I’m not expecting you to pack a bottle of FemFresh Daily intimate Wash in your backpack and attempt a tent shower jobbie, there is no need for that, not when you can quite easily just slip a pack of FemFresh Freshness Wipes in your bag…

femfresh wipes

These wipes gently cleanse, fresh and deodorise your intimate bits. Using just one of these wipes per day will only take 30 seconds and will provide long-lasting freshness. An added bonus is they are so tiny they can slip easily into your wash bag, or pop them in your handbag. Not to mention the new cute Spring & Summer packaging is adorable. And they are only £1.59 (available from Boots & Superdrug)

Whatever you do, please don’t leave your treasured Lady Garden without a wash for Five days! Eurgh.

Even if you’re not headed to a festival and fancy trying these, or any other FemFresh product out, why not take advantage of a FemFresh Coupon, by clicking here.